Airship Mechanic Costume

I've been lurking in various steampunk forums since ~2010, and I've finally decided to make a costume and go to a con.

Here's the persona behind the costume:
His name is Roy, he was born to a wealthy family, but ran away at 14 to follow his passion for all things mechanical. He is now 17 and works as an airship mechanic aboard a small vessel.
I don't plan to do any RPing, but having a character will help me stay focused and not buy every shiny thing in sight.

Now for the costume itself.
I was originally considering wearing a coverall. But upon further research, coveralls first appeared circa 1920.
Would a coverall still be acceptable?

If not- my basic outfit will be comprised of trousers, a work shirt, suspenders and my classic black doc martens. I plan to accessorize with a tool belt, bandanna, goggles, and 'coal dust'.

Any tips? Ideas? Opinions?

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Full Circle -

The return of House of Decay comes not a moment too soon, with this gorgeous, fully re-purposed Pocket Watch pendant!

I took a beautiful antiqued watch case, in a gorgeous sort of gunmetal/antique bronze finish, gutted it, added an old, battered watch face and a vintage cog as a background, ringed it in sparkly vintage rhinestones, and set a beautiful, shiny-bright watch movement on top, delicately framed in a pale gold braided chain, and adorned with a faceted orange jewel with an Aurora Borealis finish.

As if that wasn't all good enough, I added two chains, joined together about 3/4 of the way towards the closure. A small-link chain in a dark antique bronze finish, accented with tiny beads in a variety of colors and finishes. The second chain features rounded beads connected by antique bronze o-rings, connecting to the pendant itself by an amber colored diamond shaped faceted bead.

This is a gorgeous pendant, that hangs about to the middle of your chest. I can adjust the length if needed, but the lobster clasp actually makes this necklace adjustable on it's own, as well.

Click here to purchase/see more about this piece!

At Your Service

Greetings My Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

 Just a quick reminder to let you know I am still producing reproduction banknotes for Historical Reenactment, Theater Prop and additional detail to that wonderful clothing design you maybe sporting at the Steampunk gatherings. I offer a fine line of various countries from around the world. Find me on Fb or contact me via this post or at for more details.
At your service.

 Sincerely and With Great Respect,

Professor Otto the Confused
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Steampunking a leather coat. Any ideas?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, automatons and creatures from another galaxy.

So, after playing some Fallout: New Vegas and planning some gear for a steampunk larp I dug up an old leather coat I had to make it more steampunk. I've added the shoulder flaps and I'm planning to add straps to the back so I can tighten it (it's a bit to wide for me). I'm also planning on adding a pocket or two to the left side of the chest area. The buttons will be replaced with something more appropriate.

I'm also thinking of adding a shooting pad to the right side to give more of a hunter/military look. Does this wonderful community have any other suggestion on how to give it a proper look? I won't be adding any large pieces of metal to it (since I don't want to hurt myself if I roll around or fall in it while larping) but I have lots of spare leather and a pile of rivets.

Here's how it looks at the moment (picture after the cut):Collapse )