KittyG (kgaleway) wrote in steamfashion,

Steampunk Tattoos and Continued Room revamp

Some more shots of my room redecoration project. This only shows one of my five steampunk-ish shelves, sadly the camera died before I could shoot more.

The prototype of my baby "artifact box" I've decided to make for decor. The little chest is about 8 inches long, and I've had it forever. The wood was stained from almost white to that lovely red colour you can now see with about 30 coats of condensed tea, brushed on over the course of two days. everything else pictured was just whatever I had laying around my room.

Also, the boredom generated by being home with the flu also caused me to test out a design I've been rethinking for ages. Yes that is my leg, an inch or so above the knee, scandelous. It's drawn on with black ink, but I think that "Industrial Age Romance" would make a nifty tattoo, anyone else agree?

Tags: decor, tattoos
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