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Eye-blinding color and mixing patterns

I don't know if this is a tradition in other parts of the country, but at some of the cons here in the Pacific Northwest, there is what's known as the "hangover detection outfit." This is an outfit that's worn on the Sunday of a con, and is meant to tease, torment, and otherwise discombobulate those who have may overindulged a wee bit on Saturday night. After having been gifted some chartreuse satin, I decided I needed to participate in this fine tradition for this year's Steamcon, and got it finished early so I could wear it a couple of weekend ago for marching in Seattle's Pride parade:

pride 1

Here's the whole group of us:

pride 10

And I've Scarlet O'Hara'd it again - here's a skirt I made for friends' fancy dress-up wedding last Saturday, made from a set of thriftstore brocade drapes:

wedding-43 wedding-42

I've got enough material left that I'll be turning into a shrug ruffled cuffs before con.

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