Not Your Everyday, Run of the Mill Erinn (xdragonladyx) wrote in steamfashion,
Not Your Everyday, Run of the Mill Erinn

Steam Ingenious' "Best 2172 Contest"

I just found an exciting contest that I thought I'd share with other Steampunk costume makers here. It's a contest of coats (the rest of the costume too if wanted) from the Simplicity 2172 pattern. It's open until the end of October and then people can start voting. I'm thinking I might make a new coat and enter it, I'm pretty sure my plain jane version I've already made wouldn't turn any heads. I know I've seen a few other people here with the same costume so I thought I'd spread the word. The winner gets a bunch of patterns, who wouldn't love that?

Here's the entry so you can read all the rules and whatnot --->

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