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Steampunk Halloween Costume

Hey, I am working on a Halloween costume that is Steampunk. I'm sewing it myself. I am working off of the Simplicity 2172 pattern and am currently working on the skirt. I have the jacket done. I used a different pattern for the corset as I did not like the look of the bustier and I can make a properly boned corset anyway. My dilemma her is the shirt. I do need to wear a shirt under this as I will be wearing this to work and it needs to be in dress code. I did check with the corset and as long as it is worn over something that covers up the cleavage it is ok to wear outside of my clothing. I have a nice white button down top that looks like it would look great in a steampunk ensemble as it will only be the collar and bust that are exposed, but I was wondering if there might be something better to where in this ensemble. Below are pics of the jacket and the shirt.

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