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Costumes for a Victorian lady society avenger, and her faithful maid

I'm a writer in the process of making a website to showcase my current work, what is intended to be a theatrical series about a young Victorian woman takes a job as a housemaid for a seemingly normal society widow, only to find out that her employer secretly works as a champion and avenger for all the downtrodden ladies of society. It's called "Mrs. Hawking," and it is a high-action mystery caper with a very steampunk twist on the role of women in repressive Victorian society.
To depict the characters I've been assembling costumes from various pieces from thrift stores to create their looks. Mary Stone wears a skirt and blouse with an apron, while her mistress Mrs. Victoria Hawking wears a blouse under a an old prom dress with corset-like detail, plus a modified derby bonnet.




Their preferred weapons, as you can see, are a slim knife for Mrs. Hawking, who is a master of speed and stealth, and a fireplace poker for Mary, who's work as a maid has given her the physical strength and affinity for the blunt instrument.

Of course, when they must go undercover at a fancy society ball, they must dress the part. Mrs. Hawking's gown is green velvet with black ruffled skirts layered beneath it, while Mary's is an old lace and tulle wedding gown dyed blue.

But of course, when one must infiltrate a hostile location to gather information, corsets and voluminous skirts won't do. Mrs. Hawking requires a subtle option when she does her breaking and entering. Her stealth suit is made up of two stretchy shirts dyed black, one for her top and one for her hood, black riding britches, leather gloves, leather belt, and granny boots.

If you're interested in getting to know these characters, more information can be found at!

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