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My corset to the Edwardian Ball

Originally posted by jenniferseoul at My corset to the Edwardian Ball
I made this corset specifically to wear to the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles last month. I took my inspiration from Edward Gorey's more fantasy-based black and white illustrations.

I used the Silverado corset pattern from Laughing Moon #100. The base is white coutil with taffeta fashion fabric (not interfaced, but treated as one fabric). Boning channels along the seams are external bias binding. Non-seam boning has internal channels. Boning is 1/4" spiral steel, except for either side of the lacing grommets, which has flat steel. The front has a black busk closure -- the one I had wasn't long enough, so there are two hooks at the bottom to hold it closed. I created an asymmetric ruffle-and-taffeta detail for the bodice with bias binding for the bottom. It also has a lining layer and a floating "X" boned modesty panel.

I was very happy with the way it turned out, and it was really comfortable. I wore it for about 6 hours and wasn't in a hurry to get it off. Apparently I've been waist-training without realizing it - this was a 4" reduction already. If I changed anything, I would make it a little smaller all over. and add more grommets for lacing.
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