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A Questionnaire

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a fashion/costume student, and I've been lurking this community for a while now. I am currently doing a project on steampunk, and was wondering if any of you would mind answering a few questions for me. Despite having a long held interest, I do not participate in the fashion myself, and so would like some insight from people who do.

This survey is quite long, so don't feel obliged to fill it all out straight away. Thank you for your assistance!

  1. Age/Location;

  2. What is your area of occupation? (If you are a student, please list your level/field of study)

  3. How long have you been interested in steampunk?

  4. How did you find out about it?

  5. How often do you wear steampunk (eg conventions, weekends, every day)?

  6. A picture of you in steampunk (links okay);

  7. Do you consider steampunk to be a fashion or a costume, and why?

  8. Do you have a steampunk persona? If yes, please give a brief overview.

  9. Are you interested in other aspects of the Victorian era (such as literature, design, sociology) besides fashion?

  10. Are your outifts bought, partially bought, modified or handmade?

  11. If your outfits are bought or partially bought, where do you find your pieces and which pieces do you buy? If they are modified, what are they based on and where do you find the pieces?

  12. Are you a designer, maker or crafter of steampunk items? What kind of items do you make? (If no, please skip to question 15.)

  13. Do you sell your work?

  14. What inspires your designs? How do you start the design process (such as primary research, analysis, brainstorming, an ideas journal/sketchbook)?

  15. When you put outfits together, do you have a specific theme in mind (such as aviator, scientist, aristocrat)?

  16. Do you have any other alternative/historical fashion or costuming interests (such as cosplay, LARP, street fashion)?

  17. Do you attend any steampunk oriented events, conventions or meet-ups?

  18. Do you attend any other sorts of conventions (such as anime, sci-fi) in steampunk?

  19. Have you made any friends through steampunk (either online in in real life)?

  20. Please choose one fashion image and one non-fashion image that sum up steampunk for you. (These can be found images or images you have created yourself, links okay.)

  21. Sum up steampunk and what it means to you in one – three sentences;


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