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Latest ensemble - learning to use my sewing machine.

Last year I reworked my wedding dress into part of a Steampunk ensemble.

I either hand-sewed or depended on my MIL for the sewing work required.

However, I found that I wanted to do more, and depending on someone else was not going to work, so I pulled out the sewing machine that was a birthday present 10 years ago, and actually used it for the first time.

I found a Damsel in Distress corset secondhand through the FB Steampunk Fashion group, and went from there.  I'm very happy with the results, although I'm still figuring out a persona to guide the accessorizing.

fourviewsofredoutfit copy

The brown skirt is a thrifted, altered prom dress. Yellow blouse is thrifted. Bustle and apron made from a thrifted shower curtain using Simplicity Pattern #1819. Ebay jacket - vintage 80s Wilson's leather . Corset from Damsel in this Dress. Sleeves in last picture made from scraps of the shower curtain and thrifted sheer material.
Tags: aprons, bustles, ladies, outfits, steampunk

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