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Cyberpunk/neo-victorian costume

Hi all!  My costume this year was only borderline steampunk (not like my Steampunk!Icarus of old), but it had a number of neo-victorian elements, so I thought I'd share the pictures and the free pattern sites I used.

I was going for a cyberpunk look.  The character I imagined was a courier in a world where RSA encryption had been broken and no one had gotten quantum computing to work.  My character is supposed to be part of a secure, mafia-like courier service that gets your messages to their destination without compromise.  

One of my friends, after hearing this explanation, asked me, "But why are you wearing a neo-Victorian outfit?"

I replied, "Because it's the future!"

I used free online tutorials to make the underbust corset, bustle skirt, and get the inspiration for the keyboard guts accent.  I did the top by using part of a dress pattern I already had lying around.  Fair warning, the last seam of the bustle skirt was too thick for my sewing machine.  After I broke a needle on it, I had to do it by hand and use a thimble to force the needle through.

(LEDs in my hair)

Better shot of the bustle back.

fighting my pirate roommate

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