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TARDIS corset!

Surprised this hasn't made it here already, but I feel as though this crowd would appreciate the awesome that is the TARDIS corset. : )

Originally posted by hughcasey at Last night's photoshoot, featuring the TARDIS corset!
My good friend Nikki Cohen (aka ysobelle) created a remarkable piece of corsetry for our mutual friend Nicole (aka amazonv) that looks suspiciously like a certain time-traveling police call box used by a certain well-loved Doctor.  A quick snapshot that she took of the ongoing project was then posted online, and almost immediately went viral in a BIG way.  So last night, we put together a quick photoshoot to properly show it off...

The TARDIS "POLICE BOX" corset...

Please note that it's not quite finished yet... it will include working lights and sound when it's completed!  :-)

More photos can be found here.  

(PS... please do us a favor and feel free to spread this around!)

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