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Reproduction Victorian British Bank Notes

"Haven't got a Sou?"  Do you need some extra cash, a Fiver or Tenner to impress those distant relations or fund a trip to far off lands. Well Ladies and Gentleman, for you straight from the lab of Professor Otto the Confused. Reproduction Victorian British Bank Notes. Each one is handcrafted by enslaved Martian Invaders and be assured my good Ladies and Gentleman that no Venution or Moon Man was ever harmed during the printing process. Have that extra detail that you need to finish off that costume. For a small amount of $5.00 yes, that's right only $5.00 you can receive 10 reproduction Victorian British Bank Notes sent directly to you. Dates very from 1856 to 1890 and amounts very as well from 1 pound to 20 pounds. If you have any questions, concerns, worries, alarms please feel free to contact me via this post or at  I will take money orders or Paypal.

  Have a fantastic day!!

 With Great and Sincere Regards,
  Professor Otto the Confused
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