G. D. Falksen (squirrelmadness) wrote in steamfashion,
G. D. Falksen

I appear to be in a promotional video

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has just (as in, within the past fifteen minutes) been pointed out to me that the amazing picture of me by the photographer Tarilyn Quinn (http://tarilynquinn.com) has been used in Penguin's promotional trailer for the Katie MacAlister novel Steamed:


I am very flattered and entertained (though really, all the credit goes to Tarilyn for making the photo look so bloody good).

As a closing note, though, if Ms. MacAlister or anyone from Penguin happens to be on or watching this community, I understand that Tarilyn was not credited in the video or in its description on the Youtube page. If it would be possible for someone to correct this, I think it would only be right. It would make her very happy.

-G. D. Falksen

EDIT: P.S. The photographer knows about this. To the general public, thank you all for your support. However, please do not contact the publisher for us. Tarilyn has contacted them herself and will take care of the discussion with them on her end.

EDIT: Rather than resolving the issue with the artists so that they can get some benefit from this, the video appears to have been pulled. However, so that you all know what is being talked about, I've changed the link to one which someone else uploaded and which is still online. Whoever uploaded it is providing a clear record of what was stolen.

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