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Steampunk Star Wars Photos - As Promised!

Better late than never, right? :/ It took me a while to gather all of our photos from Dragon*Con and edit them accordingly, but at last I have a number of good shots to share with you all.

You may remember I posted a few photos of our costumes back in early September, right after we debuted them at Dragon*Con 09. Several people had asked that I post more of the professional shots when I got them, so here they are! Hope you like!

--- Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade ----

--- Princess Leia Organa ---

--- Slave Leia ---

--- Han Solo ---

--- Boba Fett ---

Robot Chicken anyone? LOL

--- Darth Vader ---

--- Queen Amidala and Padme Amidala's White Battle Gear ---

--- Chewbacca ---

--- Groups and Pairs ---

"What have you done with those plans?"

Is Vader gonna have to choke a bitch? :D

Let the Wookie win...

After hours at Jabba's palace...

Prequel group - Queen Amidala, Aurra Sing, and Padme Amidala

Bounty Hunters - Aurra Sing and Boba Fett

Skywalker family photo - Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker

Father and daughter - Vader and Leia

Designs inspired by Steampunk Star Wars artists Sillof, Björn Hurri, and Jeff Miller.

Also, there are even more photos in our Dragon*Con 2009 photo album on our website. So if you're interested in browsing through those, feel free to click here to see them: Dragon*Con 2009 Photos. I have some more to go through and add as well so expect EVEN more in a few days. Lol, so many photos. x_x

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<3 Laura
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