Yume (kon_no_yume) wrote in steamfashion,

Steampunkers in Chicago!

So, this is my first post, but I just had to tell you all about a really awesome costume/antique shop called Lost Eras I went to today on Howard St. The address is 1511 Howard. It's only a few blocks east of the CTA red line stop. They have two floors and three rooms per floor just filled with costuming gear. The basement is where I found a few real treasures. They have racks and racks of Victorian mens' suit coats (I wasn't looking for women's clothing so I don't know how much of that they had) and vests. They have a wide range from thrift-antique costuming to cheap-o fake costuming. They also have rooms filled with antiques - everything from trunks to blenders. The website doesn't do the shop justice, so I wouldn't bother checking it out. But really, I got a really nice victorian tuxeedo coat, vest, and shirt for only $250! She usually doesn't sell the stuff in the basement (it's for rental) but she said she frequently gets the opportunity to buy out other stores so she's making room! I would really go check this place out (and soon since Halloween's a commin' and they usually run low on stock around then). It's well worth it!

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