Daintier - Smarter - Better Dressed (nettlecarrier) wrote in steamfashion,
Daintier - Smarter - Better Dressed

Help with Hosiery

Hi everyone,
I am in need of some serious help. I need white on white striped tights, and I have tried searching everywhere to no avail. I have found black striped tights (the stripes being alternating opaque and sheer) in both horizontal and vertical (I bought both, lol), baby pink horizontal stripes, and white and silver horizontal stripes, but no white opaque/sheer. In this case, I prefer thigh-highs, and luckily everything I did manage to find were thigh-high. I am supposed to be doing a sort of photoshoot in the near future, and the photographer's idea hinged entirely on striped socks, and due to the rest of the wardrobe, we really need white. Here's hoping someone knows a source! Thanks in advance!

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