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Dear CORY DOCTOROW or any boingboing.net contributors if your on here

I think BoingBoing.net contributors are on here as I often see things here first that then show up on BoingBoing and then spill over to all the other blogs. Why you guys have yet to do a post on the only monthly steampunk magazine there is (http://www.steampunktales.com) and its free issue (http://www.steampunktales.com/issue_1Free.html) is beyond me, but that's not the point here.
As many people know at Oxford University the first museum exhibition of steampunk design is happening this October: http://steampunkmuseumexhibition.blogspot.com/ You should go to this if you can. It is going to be amazing. A lot of people have been working their asses off to make this wonderful.
What happened at this last Dragon*Con 09 was the horrible theft of a piece intended for the Oxford show; the piece was made by one of the show's artists, Thomas Willeford, who also is the man who runs Brute Force Leather (http://www.bruteforceleather.com/) and who makes goggles, masks, corsets and other odds and ends for many members of the worldwide steampunk subculture.
What I am asking for is that some one on BoingBoing.net PLEASE repost about the theft of Tom's art. All the details are here: http://community.livejournal.com/steamfashion/2071981.html
I think BoingBoing.net gets over 10 million hits a month. That is a lot more eyes out there looking for this bit of stolen art than just us. I want my pal to get his work back. I know how many hours of work has gone into his art and business, and in helping to create things many people love. The more people that know of this the better chance it has of being found and coming back to Tom. So BoingBoing.net, can you do a "steampunk art theft" post and help an artist out? You already did a post about the art show and I am grateful for the plug of the show that Art Donovan worked hard to get and the help that gave all the artists in the show, so this could just be a follow up as this stolen work was to go in the Oxford show.
Other people out there with blogs who care about helping an artist get his stolen artwork back, please repost this as well.

So this does not bore the hell out of the rest of you, there are more photos of steampunk and Dragon*Con here:

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