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Pirate Day Limited Time Off-ARRRRRR!

 Avast, ye steamy dogs! I've gotten it into me noggin te offer a special discount on me leather eye patches on account of today being International Talk Like A Pirate Day. For today only, ye can buy one patch and get t'other 1/2 off! In landlubber terms this means when ye buy 1 at 20$, ye can get another for on'ly 10$ extra. 

These can be any o' those I have left in stock, or whatever custom designs strike yer' fancy. (DragonEye patches an' mini wallhanging wolf aren't included in this here deal, sorry buckos! On'ly me regular patches are up for discounted buyin') Special deal in honArrrrr of this glorious holiday. Tis' almost like plundering! Lookie here for some ideas o what I can do....

All patches come wit yer choice o' black elastic or black leather cord ties. Have an idea for a steamy design? Just throw me a message in a bottle and I'll work with ye te create the piratical patch to suit yer swashbuckling style.

*I'm looking at working on these next week, but taking a limited number of orders TODAY ONLY for the discounted price. (until my supply of leather runs out, and I don't have a ton left!) If you're interested, shoot me a note here or an email at d walker art _AT_ gmail.com (no spaces) and let me know. Again, limited time offer, discount applies only to orders placed today. (I'll be on and offline all day, so if you don't hear back from me before 12:01 tonight/tomorrow, it's fine. Getting your request in counts.)

And btw? This will be done in PLENTY of time for Halloween! ;3

Now...off te find me Rum!


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