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Steampunk birfday! Also, help requested on my costume.

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday, and we had a steampunk party! Considering a lot of my friends didn't even know what steampunk was before I decided to make it the theme, I think it turned out pretty well.

The whole crew. I'm the second one from the left in the front row.

Our table of delicious treats. We had hot and cold tea, cucumber sandwiches, tea cookies I made from scratch, Irish jam muffins and almond biscuits my neighbor made, and all sorts of other nummy things.

My friend enjoys his tea cookie.

My former roommate was easily the most badass of us there. You can't see them in this pic, but she had lace-up knee-high boots that were to DIE for.

Okay, now I'd like to ask you all for some advice on where to continue with my costume.

A rear view:

Front view:

My bustle isn't actually finished yet; it was mostly held together by pins during the party, and I haven't properly hemmed it yet. I also have a civil war reenactment cameo choker that I'm going to punk up, which will replace the pearl necklace. I drew inspiration from an earlier poster and made cuffs to match my bustle; however, I made them on the fly and may replace them with something better-crafted in the future.

1) Other than the choker I'm planning to make, do you have any suggestions for accessories/details that can steamify my costume more? I'm thinking small mechanical details - things that are subtly sci-fi, if that makes sense. Nothing too over-the-top.

2) I'd like to get something to cover my arms when it gets cold (and it gets darn cold next to Lake Superior!), but I don't want to obscure those lovely ruffles on the front/collar of my top. Suggestions?

3) What in the world can I do with my hair?! It's too short to replicate those elegant updos, but too long to really punkify. I normally just let it be, but this is one of those instances where more is necessary than just "wash and comb."

Any other random tidbits of advice are also welcome! :)

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