Sarah (indigodye) wrote in steamfashion,

Nursing an idea to fruition

So, I have this idea.. and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me nursing it  from an "idea" to actual "project".

I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also run a mineral makeup business, called Sweet Libertine.

The thing is, it's not run like a regular makeup company. There is LOTS of customer involvement. If it weren't for my customers, I wouldn't have the awesome business that I do.

I've had this idea in mind, and I don't know if it's completely nuts, but I have a feeling it would be a blast to do.

I want to have a photoshoot. Steampunk, eclectic, fun. There are many images that I want to project - anything from opulence to pleasure. There is also a customer rewards program called "The Lusty Strumpet Society", so if I could find some lusty strumpets, hey, that would be great. In other words, one day we all get together, get in our gear, and have a kick ass photoshoot. The only way the makeup would be involved is that people who wear makeup would wear it.

But I need more people to help me try to step this idea up. Is anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that would be willing to jump on board? Or does anyone have any ideas that they could throw out there?


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