Donna Ricci Gothic Supermodel (donnaricci) wrote in steamfashion,
Donna Ricci Gothic Supermodel

In the name of love...

Captain Donna here, and feeling abit... romantic. With a bag of chocolate before me I write to you with a plea to help two star-crossed lovers find their way into each other's arms once again.

Meet Chance and Finn

You may recognize Miss Finn formerly from Abney Park fame as their beautiful belly dancer and choreographer. Her life you see, is changed now and she has stripped away the rock star stage to take, well, a chance. These crazy kids are going to go ahead and give it a go and more power to them. The only dilema? They live on two different continents. Finn is selling off her Abney Park Dance Costumes in order to afford the ticket to Germany.

We ourselves are hopless romantics and I would not know what to do without Pilot Jozua beside me. We donated a pair of the Penny Farthing Pedal Pusher Capris and Von Claret vest (both inspired by the lovely Finn) to be auctioned off for the cause. Please visit her auctions, bid them up, and own some beautiful stage wear or Clockwork Couture and wear it knowing you helped lovers reunite under the veil of night in a faraway land.


Abney Park, Finn’s Edison Mermaid Gown - 260472078889

Abney Park, Finn’s Steampunk Rock Gown 260472086508

Abney Park, Finn’s Red Ruffle Gown - 260472090010

Von Claret Penny-Farthing Pedal Pushers - 260473887610

Pinstripe Cropped von Claret Vest by Clockwork Couture - 260473879673

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