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Salwar kameez

I've got a few sets of salwar kameez with dupatta that I don't find myself wearing all that often, and it occurred to me that there may be some interesting steampunk style potential there. The first thing that comes to mind is adding lots of pockets and perhaps a tool-belt from these guys, but I'm having a bit of a mental block regarding creative alterations to the silhouette. The sets in question are three: one bright purple with gold trim, one (ugh) pale shell-pink (which I am seriously considering redyeing, possibly to a nice warm brown), and one off-white with green-and-pink overdyeing and mirror-work.

Anyone have any ideas, or know of others who have taken this type of outfit in interesting directions? (Not being Indian myself, I'd particularly tend to be wary of cultural misappropriation -- guidance is appreciated. For that matter, is it bad-weird for me to be wearing this in the first place?)

ETA: Thanks so much for all your insightful comments! After some experimentation, one combination that works well is an improvised turban (of the Italian Renaissance variety) to hide my very short hair, sleeves altered to leg-o-mutton cut, and using the dupatta as a combination cincher and bustle, held in place with a belt. As always, the accessories will be the real issue. Thinking definitely an ornate knife on the belt, for starters; I'm very fond of knives. A heap of metal bracelets would look good, but they'd be steampunkier if they were somehow functional metal bracelets. (Now that's a project unto itself! Perhaps they could store a small set of diamond-tipped tools and sample vials...?)

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