October 30th, 2011

Activist Moon

"Bad Medicine"

I finally finished my pistol for my Wierd West Steampunk garb. For those of you who don't remember my previous post, the character is a Cherokee revolutionary (some might call her terrorist) who mixes tech and nature in her weaponry. A person on Readdit dubbed the gun "Bad Medicine" and the name kinda is growing on me. ;)

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Cyberpunk/neo-victorian costume

Hi all!  My costume this year was only borderline steampunk (not like my Steampunk!Icarus of old), but it had a number of neo-victorian elements, so I thought I'd share the pictures and the free pattern sites I used.

I was going for a cyberpunk look.  The character I imagined was a courier in a world where RSA encryption had been broken and no one had gotten quantum computing to work.  My character is supposed to be part of a secure, mafia-like courier service that gets your messages to their destination without compromise.  

One of my friends, after hearing this explanation, asked me, "But why are you wearing a neo-Victorian outfit?"

I replied, "Because it's the future!"

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Kels TARDIS Read

My Halloween Costume.

My Halloween costume this year was an anthropomorphic steampunk TARDIS, based very loosely on Neil Gaiman's The Doctor's Wife.
Granted, it was basically an excuse to make this Simplicity pattern and take advantage of my only chance to do some Doctor Who cosplay.
Although no one had a clue as to what I was, my costume totally rocked. By far the best thing I've ever sewn.

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