August 16th, 2011

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Suggestions for Steamy Bottoms?

Hello, all! Name's NightShadow405, a bit of a lurker around here, but I'm popping out of the woodwork to say "hi" and ask for some suggestions.

I'm currently in the process of steaming up my everyday wardrobe.I'm working on a couple of character pieces (air ship pirate and zombie hunter) but I also want to have a mix-n-match selection of things I can wear everyday. My current delima is that I'm usually a jeans-n-tshirt kind of girl. I abhor most skirts and that seems to be the majority of what I find when I go look at Victorian/Steampunk patterns and clothing for women. I also don't like overly frilly things, so most anything with ruffles is out.  

Anyone have suggestions/ inspiration for anything other than skirts for women? I can sew, but I'd also like to find some pre-fabricated pieces that I can use while I'm building up my hand-made items. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. ^_^

TARDIS corset!

Surprised this hasn't made it here already, but I feel as though this crowd would appreciate the awesome that is the TARDIS corset. : )

Originally posted by hughcasey at Last night's photoshoot, featuring the TARDIS corset!
My good friend Nikki Cohen (aka ysobelle) created a remarkable piece of corsetry for our mutual friend Nicole (aka amazonv) that looks suspiciously like a certain time-traveling police call box used by a certain well-loved Doctor.  A quick snapshot that she took of the ongoing project was then posted online, and almost immediately went viral in a BIG way.  So last night, we put together a quick photoshoot to properly show it off...

The TARDIS "POLICE BOX" corset...

Collapse )

Please note that it's not quite finished yet... it will include working lights and sound when it's completed!  :-)

More photos can be found here.  

(PS... please do us a favor and feel free to spread this around!)