January 3rd, 2011

Millennicon 2011

Attention Steampunkers,

Permit me to introduce myself. I am the Captain of the Ygraine, Ohio's only Art Show Privateers. As such, it is my honor and duty to announce that Millennicon 2011 will be landing in Cincinnati on March 18th, 2011 and departing March 20th of that same year. The commander of the Space Station, in association with the Miami Valley Fandom for Literacy, assures me that there are some Steampunk related tracks to be had at the convention. I doubt me it will take up the entire affair, but perhaps greater interest will increase the likelihood next year.

As Captain of the Art Show Privateers, I am also extending an invitation to artists who wish to display their work in our gallery. Millennicon's scurvy dog of a Web Master has not yet updated the site with the correct information for this year, but if you contact me at kosagi@woh.rr.com, I can send you the documents that we forge, er, I mean, require, in order to properly display your work. We also have an LJ comm for the purpose of keeping artists updated, should that be a matter of interest to anyone.

My thanks and now I have to go clean the latest Squid attack off our starboard bow.
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Gatehouse Gazette # 16 out now: it's a weird west indeed!

Hello everyone

I'm happy to announce that the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette, our 16th, is available for your reading please via free online download here.
It's a new year (HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way) and thus a new Gazette, this is our first issue in full color!

For those that don't know it: the Gatehouse Gazette is a wonderful online magazine about steampunk and dieselpunk that appears on the interwebs bimonthly. This month's theme is the Weird West

This time we have a fashion article on wild west steampunk, established author Carol McCleary talks about Oscar Wilde, we have pretty photos for you to look at, interesting articles to read, reviews and for your printing pleasure, the first 2 months of our ongoing (it's a year long project) steampunk birthday calendar which you are most welcome to grab for your own private use :)

So go ahead and grab a copy!

Do not be alarmed if you have missed an edition of this magazine, they are all available for free via this link.

Oh and guys, for our next edition we are still looking for photos of you in your finest steampunk or dieselpunk outfits!
Every edition our chief editor Nick Ottens choses one from all the photos send in and that photo will be published in the magazine.
So if you're interested: drop him a line with your photo in attachment on n.ottens@gmail.com
Please only send in photos that you are allowed to use, we don't want any copyright infringement!
Also, we are always looking for new contributors too, so if you have an idea for an article, drop Nick a line :)

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NYE in NYC now with photos & what events are going on by you?

Evelyn Kriete at the Bootlegger's Ball, 2011
Originally uploaded by Binnorie Artwork

This was me on New Year's Eve before the doors opened and the party ran from 8pm to 5am.

I was up for almost 40 hours but it was worth it.

We all did a great job that night and everyone had a safe, good time.

More photos of the event can be found here
as well as here

Also (and this is important for something that cannot be made public yet), we all know a great deal about the events happening in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, but I know that there are a great many other events going on in the world. What are the other annual events or meet ups going on in other parts of the world, like South America, Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and Continental Europe? What are you guys up to and what events are you doing?

I know there are some of you from everywhere in the world. This poll tells me so
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steampunk conventions??

Hi all. This is my first post and is fuelled purely by curiosity (and steam). Im wondering about what to expect from steampunk conventions. In particular I have a couple of questions: First and most importantly is there much drinking to be expected from conventions? Is it a heavy session, small open bar, or quite simply frowned upon?
Secondly Im curious about music. Would it be a bad idea to bring my mandolin or my bodhran? or do the bands take up all music opportunities? What would be the likelyhood of getting a session started at an average convention? Any advise on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Star Wars goes Victorian

I stumbled across this a few days ago and thought it was a pretty neat project.  An artist called Greg Peltz has done a series of portraits of Star War characters in Victorian clothes/accessories/etc., including this neat one of Jabba (which provides empirical proof that top hats really DO make everything better):

You can see the rest here at the artist's blog.

Searching For An Elusive Beast

Steamies, I could use some help. Im putting together an Asian-esque skypirate outfit in the hopes of looking cool @ Megacon this year, and theres a thing I WANTWANTWANTMUSTHAVE. It looks like these:

The Etsy seller responsible for these is charging 200+ bucks a pop, and that’s not doable for me. It looks simple enough, and I’ve tried to mock up a pattern and sew it myself but its beyond my tragic sewing skills and I just made a mess. I tried doing a search online for “sleeveless tunic” but that gets me pretty much every sleeveless shirt on the web. Arrgh.

Have any of you seen anything like this in your travels about the web fasionverse, or a pattern for sewing something like this? And what the heck would I even call it, anyway (besides “sleeveless tunic”?)

Thanks for any advice that comes my way!
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