November 20th, 2009


Victoria's Secret fashion show has got some Steamy-cool stuff!

Normally, I wouldn't give a tinker's damn about fashion shows in general, or Victoria's Secret. But I happened to catch sight of a photo from the show that just took place last night, and then looked for the rest of them. There are definitely some steampunk type influences going on with some of the outfits there! Specifically, LOTS of corsets, and some absolutely amazing "angel wings" that are SO COOL! I've posted the coolest ones I found.

Too bad that all the cool stuff is probably stuff they're not actually those WINGS. *drools*

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DIY jetpack assistance, please?

Due to moving/not moving drama, I've held off on starting my steamy accessories. I recieved word yesterday that I actually have time to attend a few gatherings, the soonest being in two weeks.

I've got an aviator outfit that I can do up, but it is begging for a jetpack. Might anybody have some quick/cheap tutorials to offer? (The cheaper, the better). I've searched the web but keep on coming up with one that requires a fire extinguisher. :-/
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Skull and CrossWrenches T-shirt/bandana Design

It isn't quite neovictoriana, nor are there any actual straps or brass on the shirt; It is just a shirt with a steampunk-aesthetic-inspired design, but short of the rare pair of finished goggles this is probably the closest to relative thing I've had a chance to post here, as I am not a steampunk clothier... as much as I wish I had those skills.

At first, I wanted to go with the light chocolate tonal stripe shirt from Alternative Apparel, but they are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer. I *can* get them from various sources online, but with no guarantees on quantity available or consistent supply.

I decided to go with a distressed and heathered pigment-dyed chestnut material, to keep to a sepia motif and to so at least the material could look to be of vintage quality.

The design is the product of working at a new logo/icon for the cover of the coffee table art book "Airships and Tentacles", a collection of weird-fiction illustrations. It employs Da Vinci styled ornothopter wings, the wheel of a ship's helm, and a combination monacle/eyepatch, and of course the skull and cross-swords/jolly roger with crossed wrenches in place of swords.

The design was hand-drawn and digitally colored (for ease of color separation for screen printing), though I did go back and finish the original pen and ink with water colors after the fact.

If you'd like to see larger images, they are available here.

the design

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