September 28th, 2009

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Online Artist needs Real Experience!

To quote the immortal words of those obnoxious pop-ups we've all been getting recently, "Become a Cartoon! Put it On Your Blog!"

I'm an Illustration student building a professional portfolio, and I am finding that as much as I adore the Steampunk aesthetic, I have a bare handful of Steam-powered illustrations to include in there! A tragedy for me, or an opportunity for you fine folks?

I want to do a few portraits of fine upstanding ladies and gentlemen! I'm thinking something along the lines of 8.5 x 11'', line-art-and-photo-collage depiction of your face and upper torso. I will do them for free! You will get to distribute your portrait however you want (as long as I get to, too)! I don't have any criteria yet other than 'you must look cool', and that makes me sound kind of shallow. Then again, I am kind of shallow. So, if any of you would like to link me up with some cool images of you or your friend or your dog or your mom in the comments here, we could get this rolling!

I make no guarantees about how soon I will be done, or if I will ever be done, or if you will like it when and if I'm done! That's life, really. But it is probably a good idea to get in sooner rather than later!

EDIT! To clarify, what I would need is a link to a photo or two of you in an outfit that you'd like to be drawn in.  Or a photo of you and a photo of the outfit you'd like to be drawn in. And if you want to ask for anything specific like 'make me holding a weasel' or 'I want a third eyeball', or 'you can make up an outfit for me' put that in the comment. I might not be able to or think that it wouldn't work out, but I'll give it a shot!

My Portfolio (such as it is) is here:   my older DeviantArt account is here: and my new DeviantArt account, where the pictures will be posted, is here:

EDIT! Halfuana's is up here:
EDIT! Norickayer's is up here:
EDIT! Lolasangel is up here:
Mina from league.

The Saturdays photos of NYC

Originally uploaded by Damaged_Illusions

Yes that is the two month old Jaeger in his very own double breasted lab coat making him the youngest Steampunk ever thus he wins!.

For you who did not come to this
You can see some of the photos from the saturday part of this weekend and the meet up here.

Originally uploaded by Damaged_Illusions

I will post the link to the Doc once it airs and hope more photos show up from Sundays fashion show.
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Pleased - TWEWY

Making a silver-based steampunk outfit.

Hello, Steampunkers. My name is Kim and I come seeking advise.

I want to make an androgynous steampunk outfit based off silver (or gunmetal, or anything along those lines.)
This is a problem because one of they key aspects of steampunk are the subtle, earthy tones that make looking at a person feel as if you're looking into an old photograph.

So I need some help.

You see, what started this all was a pocket watch I was given for my birthday. It is fairly simple, with a belt clip and a short chain. Both sides are plain, and it opens up at both sides, revealing it's nice, gear-y center. (It is, in fact, a silver version of the watch that Gentleman's Emporium has on display from their main page.) But I've taken very strongly to it, and it never leaves my side. (Sadly, it is the only working pocket watch in my collection as of the moment.)

But I was given this a day after Dragon*Con, where I was awestruck by how-- how amazing, how complex, how perfect!-- a lot of the costumes where. I have done steampunk before, but never to that degree, and now I've gone and become a bit too ambitious for my own good. I was a little inspired (and maybe a little jealous,) by all of these wonderful people, some of them pulling off things I had never even imagined before!

They where willing to take some risks and push the limits (ha!) of steampunk, turning it into something new and amazing in it's entirety.
I was told, once, when talking to one of them, "Steampunk is whatever you want it to be."

So this is what I want it to be, and this is what I'm asking for help with.

I'm looking for:

+ Ideas on how to make a silver (or gunmetal, or blah-blah-blah,) steampunk outfit.
- I want it to be androgynous, tied to neither gender (although something to hug the curves would still be nice; but I figure there's a good chance I'll end up sewing something, and if I do end up doing so, I can take care of that.)

Uh. I think that sums it up relatively well, since it's only a vague concept right now.

Thank you for your time, you lovely ladies and gents,


Halp. :(

Hi there, my little tater tots. I am in need of some assistance.

I'm trying to (quickly) put together a steamy outfit on the cheap. Yeah, I + cheap = garbage. From what's in my closet, I have a good base outfit. I just need to steamify it some. Here's the issue: I'm having a hard time settling on who exactly my character is. The outfit could go in several directions. Here's a quick idea of the base I have:

So...what would YOU add to this? Who would this character be for you? I think the gloves make me lean towards a little bit of a villain perhaps. I've been tinkering with the idea of making a mechanical hand or gauntlet, monocle, gun, etc. There are just too many possibilities, and settling on an idea is becoming difficult - but I'm short on time!

Steampunkers in Chicago!

So, this is my first post, but I just had to tell you all about a really awesome costume/antique shop called Lost Eras I went to today on Howard St. The address is 1511 Howard. It's only a few blocks east of the CTA red line stop. They have two floors and three rooms per floor just filled with costuming gear. The basement is where I found a few real treasures. They have racks and racks of Victorian mens' suit coats (I wasn't looking for women's clothing so I don't know how much of that they had) and vests. They have a wide range from thrift-antique costuming to cheap-o fake costuming. They also have rooms filled with antiques - everything from trunks to blenders. The website doesn't do the shop justice, so I wouldn't bother checking it out. But really, I got a really nice victorian tuxeedo coat, vest, and shirt for only $250! She usually doesn't sell the stuff in the basement (it's for rental) but she said she frequently gets the opportunity to buy out other stores so she's making room! I would really go check this place out (and soon since Halloween's a commin' and they usually run low on stock around then). It's well worth it!
Halloween 2007 B&W

Photos from the Picnic and Stroll on Governor's Island on September 26

We had a delightful Picnic and Stroll on Governor's Island last Saturday. Eleven people were in attendance, including the four kids, and seven of us were in costume. Apologies for the poor quality of some of these photos - my digital camera is a low-end device. For brevity's sake, non-costumed people are not pictured here, but you can see them in the Flickr pool that we'll eventually set up (and which I will pimp in a later post). Many thanks to all who attended and brought delicious food, and a thousand gratitudes to the non-costumed people who took most of these shots. As always, I was torn between posing for photos, and wanting to take the photos, and it's only because of the non-costumed people that I was able to do a bit of both. The Island is a lovely place for an afternoon of recreation. I would like to go back when I am dressed in clothing more suitable to romping around, but it will have to wait until next year, because Governor's Island will soon be closed for the season.

[Governors Island Steampunk Picnic September 2009]
My favorite group shot, taken on the decrepit steps of a house where Reagan and Gorbachev once had an historic meeting. 

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