September 18th, 2009



Some of you may have heard, I had a piece stolen from me at Dragon Con. Not just some ordinary piece but a one of a kind Monicle that was to be in  featured in a Steampunk Exhibit at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford this October.

I'm will pay $200.00 for it's safe return on a "no questions asked" basis.
I will pay $500.00 if it leads to the arrest of the one who stole it.

Remember, it is a one of a kind piece. There will never be another. If you see someone wearing it they are definately connected to the theft and a felony.

I will also produce a custom piece for anyone who gets the theif arrested. Have you been looking at one of those arms thinking $1499.00 is beyond your reach? You Get me this person and I'll make one just for you.

Thomas Willeford
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I'm a avid Magic:The Gathering player, and while reading over one of the articles about the newest set I found this guy's picture. Figured you folks would like it. The whole of the new set, Zendikar, is about a world supercharged with mana and consists of a ever changing world, lost civilizations, some steampunk thrown in alongside the magic and a whole bunch of adventuring parties.

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Goggle Enthusiast

So, for as long as I can remember, I've been a huge fan of goggles.

Any kind, it doesn't matter...

Are there any Goggle Enthusiast websites or forums out there? Maybe a community I haven't stumbled upon yet?

I already found brassgoggles, but that's  just about it.

little help here?
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Steampunk piercings/jewelry help!

So, I'd like to get a set of jewelry that is more Steampunkish :]

So showing are my two nostril piercings and my vertical lip piercing! The lip is now at a 14g, and the nostril piercings are at the standard 18g.

Posted this picture to show the saw blade O-rings that I have. I adore them, they remind me of cogs and even saw blades are just bad ass. I need to order more and get a matching set of those white/clear pinchers in that picture. Lost some a while ago meh. Also, I have my ear pierced on the left side once. Both ears have 8g atm, wanting to go up to 6g eventually but I stretched my ears too quickly so I'm letting them recover for a year, then a 10g and a 12g. Going to get my ear done more once I find a job that is okay with it.

Then what you can't see is my navel is pierced, 14g, and both nipples are pierced at a 14g. I'm not TOO concerned about my nipple piercings since I doubt they'd "pop out" at a con or something >_>; But I love to dance and move my hips around and all that jazz, so I would prolly show my belly button piercing!

Old picture but I wanted to show the twisty 14g jewelry! It's meant for your belly button, so I may just use it in mine (I have it done on the bottom, not top of my belly button, btw). It was so cute in my ear at the time, however :3 And if I didn't hate septum piercings so much, it'd be funny to wear it in a septum piercing hehe. SO WISH they would make the twisty one in a bigger size, but alas, they did say it was meant for navel piercings *sigh*

Now, I looked with the "piercing" tag and those are all ooooold posts, and what I found were too huge of plugs/tunnels, and old posts that I never saw updated if people found new stuff! So I wanted to kind of give the subject new life since it's been some time since I've seen a post specifically about body mods/piercings! Huzzah!

So I guess anything that makes you think, "Hmm.. Steam.. punk!" the sky is your limit, good people! I'd love for you to post! Price doesn't matter since I'll decide if it's worth it or not, and I just appreciate unique body jewelry and love to save the photos either way!
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Time Turner

After seeing this picture:

I really want one of these, though I fear it may be rather cheesy. I didn't have a clue where it was from when I saw it. Perhaps that is just a particularly fine photograph?
Certainly there is nothing Steampunk about Harry Potter but I like the time-travel aspect of this piece.

Link to the photographer's flikr set here

Inquiry: Egypt and Steampunk? Multiple Catagory Advice Needed!

Okay. Here's the deal.
I said it. No shame.
Now, what I'm wondering is, can I incorperate my Egyptian infatuation with my love for steamy goodness?
All ya'll (man, I put "all ya'll") may have seen that earlier I posted that I am working on making my room less...boring as sin. How can I mush Egypt and Steampunk into a room decor? I've already got a bunch of knick-knacks hanging about, working on new doorknobs and lightswitches, and I ordered some really nifty Old World maps. I'm looking for maybe a Cairo hotel?
Subject matter number two (Numero Dos, because I need to work on my Spanish, heh heh).
*cue that cartoon noise when something goes wrong, when the character's face drops, it sounds like "bwup"*
I love my pith helmet, my "safari steam" gear. But (improper to start a sentence with "but", whoof) I need a few more staples. A coat and shoes. I've never owned a coat, and this fall/winter is expected to be "wet and windy". FAIL! My old boots are no longer with me. I loved them to death. Any advice, ya'll? (rats)
I pinky-double-triple swear that I'll be useful someday.  I've had a day worthy of Hell itself. I'm probably going to take advantage of Online Retail Therapy.
Thank you to all. Seriously. *slow-mo high five*
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Queen Mary this weekend

Hallo all~

I will be at the "Pyrate Daze" whoop-de-do on the Queen Mary this weekend.
If you're there and you see this bodice, come on over and say "Yo, Vict!".

They have sort of divvied up the weekend so that Sat is piratey (it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day, doncha know) and Sun is Steam Punk.  I, if I get my sewing done tonight, will simply be mashing the two ideas into one outfit.  Unless I raid the closet because I can't face wearing the same outfit twice.

And Abney Park plays Saturday night - this is one heck of a Solstice weekend!

Yours Truly

Steamy-looking coats

I get emails from, and saw some lovely coats that almost made me want to

a) move back north

b) overspend

c) modify them for a steampunk outfit.

Some of the lovelies are linked to, below.

The designer coat:

The knockoffs:

Another designer coat:

There's a decent range of sizes in many of these, from XS to 3X in selected models.
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