September 13th, 2009

Capt Nemo

Steampunk Items of Interest: Edited and Updated

 I saw this at and figured to post it here: 

First up: the Power Claw 

Edited Details: Christian Ristow is an L.A. based (demolishing) artist tearing down iconage art with stuff he designs. He creates bio-mechnical engines of destruction for his amusement/artistic endevor.  
Details are scant but it appears that this functional armored power hand claw was built by a full grown man for his own entertainment. Dreams of becoming superheroes never die, apparently. The Hand Claw is made of aluminum and is a prototypical example of wearable robotics. The claw is driven by a compressed air tank. The sharp tips of the claw are designed to punch and pierce into objects with the the claw closed and then completely destroy the object from the inside out by opening the claw.

Unfortunately the builder of this piece of machinery did not list his home address, so I’ll just walk around everywhere I go in a highly paranoid state fearful of getting ’sploded from the inside out by this geek. Although to be honest, he’s probably doesn’t get out much, so I don’t know what I’m worried about. I’ll just avoid all parents’ basements and I’ll be safe. Phew. I feel much better knowing I won’t get attacked by a robotic human claw.

Next up: The HandyCooler. While not exactly steampunk; this should help people who tend to get overheated while wearing their outfits. Especially in convention event rooms and outdoors during the height of summer. It of course can be painted and tricked out to look steamy with a little bit of external modification(s).

The Handycooler is more than just a good looking personal fan, it uses effective evaporative cooling technology by utilizing a water filter to keep you cool. Inside the device is a small sponge you drop water onto. The fan then draws the water over the damp sponge and can cool you off by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidifying effect of the cool moist air alleviates allergies and soothes breathing.

It’s basically a handheld swamp cooler. If you live in a hot dry climate like most of Arizona or other desert areas, I’m sure you know exactly what a swamp cooler is and how well they work to cool you off using a minimal amount of 
energy (especially compared to a standard air conditioner). The Handycooler works on your choices of 4 AA batteries, USB power, or a standard wall outlet. Battery life is a generous five hours and the 7 ounce gadget measures 2.5 x 2 x 7 inches.
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I just snagged this coat at Target and need some ideas on how to steam it up.

I was thinking of making some kind of brooch for the lapel, but the most jewelry-making I have attempted is stitch markers made with premade headpins and jump rings. I like the style of the butterflies over on Mental Design's site. Any ideas on how I could make something similar? It looks like it's mostly made out of old watch parts.

Maybe lace edgings for the cuffs? There are plenty of books out there with patterns for lace borders. Or there's the Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers on Knitty.

This will be my first steampunk project. Thus far I've just been collecting pieces of clothing and a few accessories, so all advice is appreciated.

Nautilus 2.0

I just accidentally caught  the fully remastered (failed) pilot episode of Star Trek, The Cage (sometimes also called The Menagerie).  Deemed too "challenging" for mainstream viewers, the pilot was scrapped and the show was recast. As far as I can tell Leonard Nimoy was the only actor who kept his original character, though some of the other actors stayed on in new roles, most notably Majel Barret, who plays the (female!) first officer in The Cage, but is best known for playing coy blonde Nurse Chapel later in the series. 

Anyway, aesthetically speaking, it was a serious treat. I wouldn't exactly categorize it as a steamfest, but I thought it might be enjoyed here, since anachronisms abound. I especially love the mod sixties take on old school nautical uniforms used by the landing party (Nautilus 2.0!) , the big brassy phaser pistols, and nifty assorted gadgetry. And of course the green Orion slave woman is a classic Star Trek icon, not to mention the unbearably creepy Talosian brainiacs. It got me thinking....

A steampunk Klingon would be cool. But would you want to do TOS or Next Generation style? Oooooooh, or a steampunk Borg! Borg Sky-pirates!

I might be totally overestimating the geek factor of everyone else here, but I think that would be pretty cool. You can watch the whole thing in installments here. But beware! Most of the female crewmembers wear pants!

Not a Dragon Con post....

I know I should post something cool about the 'con here but I'm still recovering from it. had a great time though.
Instead, I'm going to show you the fruits of today's hunting expedition.
As some of you may know, one of the secrets to my success is my ability to hunt and bring down the elusive and exotic "Carbootasaurus". or in the States the North American Mega-Flea.

Here is the carcass laid out whole for you to see.

and a few shots of the tastier bits...

It put up quite a struggle.... but the two prize field desks were definately worth the loss of all but 2 of our party.

If you have any question, details of any pieces are available upon request.... Happy hunting!

Lord Featherstone

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I looked through the tags, but I didn't see anything under the Brass Tab, and there was no sheet metal tab or anything like that.

I have a sportcoat, and I intend to sew a Rifler's Shoulder to it, probably looped over from front to back on the shoulder.  (Note this will not be a functional shoulderpiece so i don't have to worry about actual recoil).  I want to rivet (or make the appearance of rivets) a piece of brass to sit just inside the leather shoulder (like a picture in a frame), but I need to know :

a.  Where I can find sheet brass, appr. 12" x 24" that won't break the bank
b.  What thickness can be cut with hand tools, yet is thick enough to look good.
c.  How to achieve this faux rivet look without a machine shop.

Any thoughts?

Recycled Steampunk

OwO hello all steampunk-ers of the world wide web.
hope everyone is doing smashingly well.

i have recently noticed that in a grand majority of my steampunk / lolita pieces, i tend to use alot of little odds and ends found around the house. i do use of course a nice decent amount of store bought items, but they do mostly consist of i suppose one of a kind things.
i dont have the monies to buy quality materials so i must get creative!! hence my phrase, Recycled Steampunk!

so with that in mind, i just wanted to get some feed back from fellow steampunkers, see what you guys thing, would you consider this, some pieces lean more towards the steampunk genre, others lay in between both, here i think the last one has some lolita influence, and what are your ideas and thoughts about my recycled steampunk pieces? and the idea in general
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Halloween 2007 B&amp;W

photos from August 26 Central Park Photo Shoot

This are photos of our August 26 Photo Shoot in Central Park. Saturday morning was hot and steamy, and my thoughts ranged from "Maybe I won't wear the jacket" to "I'll look fine without the vest" to "F--k it, I'm wearing the lightest shirt that isn't a tee." The rain resulted in a flurry of phone calls, but finally I got the word out to nearly everyone that we were meeting at the Irish Victorian restaurant Lillie's. We got some great photos, mostly by people other than myself as my camera was all wonky. Sites visited include Lillie's, the Bethesda Terrace, Angel of Waters fountain, Bow Bridge, and stone arch in Central Park. There are so many more on our shared Flickr pool; I chose a few that best represent the sequence of the day, but to keep this page user friendly, I had to omit many great shots and most of the individual portraits. Note that when captioned "photo by so-and-so," it means the image is from their digital camera, but not necessarily that they took it. For example, triplelads' young son (one of the triplet lads) took many of the shots on his camera. So go check out the Flickr pool.

People who attended in no particular order: [info]mlleviolet,[info]liu_xing(plus friend), [info]kittiethedragon, [info]tripletlads(plus son), [info]serindrana, Ay-Leen, [info]pickledtink, JDGauthier. Beg pardon if I forgot anyone.

Having spent all morning with clothes strewn round my apartment, it was pleasant to meet at Lillies and enjoy a fabulous breakfast. The propeitor kindly allowed us to take photos. Service was great, the food fantastic, prices reasonable, and the decor could hardly be better. Here's a photo by triplelads showing most of the costumed group in front of Lillie's gorgeous crimson sofa. From left, tripletlads, liu_xing's friend (I don't want to post his name because he doesn't have an LJ), Ay-Leen (seated), mlleviolet, and liu_xing.

Steampunk August 26

Ay-Leen the Peacemaker showing off her magnificent steampunk gun, with me on her left and Lillie's gorgeous bar in the background. Photo by tickledpink.

Steampunk August 26 
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