September 11th, 2009

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has anybody steamed up their bluetooth devices? I'm having a tough time making this stay in to my ear and I want to clamp it on like a screw-post earring or something. For every problem, a stylish solution.

Beautiful, beautiful things for beautiful creatures

Ok, first of all, I want to extend a happy little thank you to the members of the Rose City Steampunks who welcomed me so warmly yesterday evening. I had much more fun than I expected to, headacheyness notwithstanding, and was inspired by all YOUR creative energy to go home, pop some willow bark tablets, and finish some projects! Hurrah!

But enough about me. I want to introduce all of you to Frocky Jack Morgan ( ), a couture line that is the brainchild of Portland, OR artist Julia Barbee. She is a mad genius who obsessively cobbles together lush, gorgeous, wickedly wierd creations from deconstructed vintage and found objects, many of them quite steamy, all of them astoundingly cool. Her ballgowns, corsets, jackets, hats, headpieces, jewelery, and objets d'art are garnering an impressive following, especially since with their muted palette and lavish embellishment they provide a welcome alternative for the counter-culture bride. I believe she is also open to commissions and custom work. you can email her from the site.

If you're lucky enough to live in the Portland metro area (for so many reasons...), skip the boutique markups and simply check out her space at Stars and Splendid Antiques in Sellwood; you'll find some of last year's one of a kind designs, tons of to-die-for  jewelery, both vintage and deconstructed, and a well curated selection of odd little bits of rad she's picked up here and there.

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Dragon Con Photos, pt. 3

September 11, 2009

Whew.  Tomorrow should be the last of the photos, just wanted to throw some more up here.

And so passes another anniversary of a particularly dark day, but that’s not what I wish to speak on. My mood has been on cons all week, which ones I’d like to attend next year, how to alter and improve my steampunk attire, and what new friends I’ll make at whatever new places to which I’ll venture.

With my mind so fully on cons … I think the best topic to write on are some of my favorite moments at cons I embarrassed myself in front of someone famous. This is a topic I actually find very funny, not shameful … so without further ado, my top four!

4. This one takes number five because of how small and incidental it was. At San Diego Comic Con 2004 Marlon and I were wandering around, trying to find something specific. I weaved to avoid several people in the crowd, and found myself hitting a table. Awkwardly I turned around, quickly spitting out apologies to whatever dealer I must have hit. I instead met eyes with Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker/voice of the Joker himself. I gawked for a moment, about to say something about how surprising it was to just literally bump into the table he was at, then I noticed the huge line I had accidentally fallen in front of. No apologies, I just cursed out loud and ran away.

3. This one wasn’t technically my fault, but was exceedingly embarrassing nonetheless. I was with my first boyfriend, a writer by trade, at GenCon 2003. While walking through artist alley, I paused at the table of one of the artists who had done a great deal of Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 artwork I admired, Richard Sardinha. He had his Cthulhu (from the d20 Call of Cthulhu book) original there, along with the Aboleth and some other paintings. He and I got to talking, since I had brought my portfolio in the hopes of making connections while I was there. Both of us lamented the curse of the illustrator to go to cons for business rather than pleasure, and hawk prints rather than attend games. In response, my boyfriend blurted out that he thought artists went to cons “for all of us fans to bask in your radiance.” This was a compliment, I guess, but one so inappropriate for the moment that Sardinha just stared at him. Long and hard. All I could do was stare away from both of them in shame. Yes. This was my boyfriend.

2. Oh, jeez. This one still makes me shake my head to this day. My first big con was Wizard World 1999, just after the premiere of the Phantom Menace. I was about to be a senior in high school, and brought along a portfolio that consisted of my sketchbook and photocopies of fanart. Oh, yeah. I was ready for the big leagues. Anyway, I had also brought several issues of Kabuki’s Image run since I heard that my then idol was going to be there, David Mack. I arrived at the table I had seen he was supposed to be at, and then was forced to pause. He just smiled up at me, and the haze of my young and impressionable high school mind still paints him in my memory as quite built for a comic creator, and drop dead gorgeous. Every bit as much as his paintings. So all I could do was shakily hand over the issue of Kabuki from my bag, grinning like an idiot. As he signed it, I think he asked me something … I have no idea what, all I remember was the almost schoolgirl like giggle I let out and the airy response, “I liked issue three.” Naturally, it was at that moment that my senses returned to me and I was just staring at him as he chuckled. We were both extremely aware of how I had looked right then.

1. Marlon and I had a blast at San Diego Comic Con 2004, but had been late to everything. Every day. Late getting up, missing any panel we were interested in, late for just … everything. So, naturally, we were late getting out the door to get to our flight. And this was still during the height of the airport security ruthlessness, so being late was not an option. We were running from the rental car to the bus station, from the bus stop to the check in, and thankfully a very kind security guard realized which flight we were running for and got us in a little faster. He warned us there was still another checkpoint to get through, so we had to hurry if we were going to make it. We were running with luggage in each arm, strapped over our shoulders, and we saw the checkpoint up ahead of us. Both of us skidded to a stop, but Marlon more successfully than myself. I slid straight into a much older gentleman who had been bent over to fish through his luggage for something, and I rushed out an apology. He glowered over his shoulder up at me, and I was struck. I had nearly plowed over the father of comics as an artform, the creator of the Spirit and the term “sequential art,” Will Eisner.

I pointed at him dumbly. “You’re Will Eisner …”

His brow tightened in impatience and he grunted out, “Yeah.” Clearly, fans mowing him down didn’t put him in a bright mood.

It’s such a shame I’ve missed any chance to apologize again. Where ever you are, Will, just know … I’m not nearly as stupid as I was right then.

No, seriously …
~JL Jones

Aside from AWA looming in the horizon like an anime-filled comet of awesome ready to descend on the northern Atlanta area, I’ve taken the opportunity to do some much needed cleaning in the limited space I find myself in. Everyone knows that saying “ You never know how much crap you have until you move”? well some really in-depth digging helps with that problem.

Here’s some choice bits that I’ve found :
- A bicycle helmet circa the mid 1990s- mint in box
- A mid 80’s electronic battleship set, with all it’s pieces
- Pay stubs from a job I had back in high school
- An expired PTA card
- A crossbow
- The Thundertank

I’ve also put links up for the Dragon Con photos in the main archive page for ease of finding. Once we get back from AWA we’ll be giving those the same treatment.

Ever Tomorrow
Halloween 2007 B&W

plus-size corporate steampunk at Roaman's, of all places

Being a plus-size gal, I have long relied upon Roaman's for bras and bathing suits to accomodate my double Ds. But I've always considered their clothing to be mostly cheap and garish - specializing in oversized mumus printed with brightly-colored tropical flowers and that sort of thing. Their latest catalog has made me change my mind. It's like an entirely different company took over. Not only are there plenty of items that would be acceptable for the office, there's quite a lot that's downright cute and dare I say, steamy? I think their buyer must have gotten a whiff of steampunk somewhere. They even have a page set aside for "military chic" (I am not linking to it because the stuff on that page is not particularly military in style, with few exceptions). Many items would work well for the office and possibly even for your steampunk costumes. Note that their sizes tend to run large and many things are tent-like unless it specifically says "princess seams" or something along those lines. If you are patient, many of these things will eventually be marked down, or you can find a coupon code for 40% off, free shipping, buy one, get one half-off, and that sort of thing.

Sorry I don't have time to do the thumbnails but here's a sampling of their more steam-able offerings:

Gorgeous Ruffle Shirt that I adore - love the sleeves, and can tolerate the elasticized waist if I cover it with a belt
Military Jacket 1
- Napoleonic style
Military Jacket 2 - reviewed in detail on the Plus-Size Steampunk community (it's warmer than it looks)
Military Jacket 3 - love the mandarin collar and antiqued buttons
Ruffle Blouse - not military, as described, but could work for a variety of steampunk styles
Military Skirt - not sure why they consider this military but it reminds me of The Prisoner and there's something vaguely steamy about it
Ruffly blouse - for an Edwardian Tea Party
Extra pouf-y sleeved shirt - Lolita-ish
Serviceable Victorian-ish blouse I could make do with this
Ascot Vest - are you supposed to wear this with an ascot tie?
Pinstripe vest - nice full coverage for women of ample bosoms
Western denim vest - flattering for cowgirls and other Americans
Western style bib front shirt - reminscent of the frontier-style men's shirts
Low-slung belt - consumer reviews say this runs large

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Penny Dreadful Productions Presents: Steampunk Boba Fett

After a surprise phone call in June, we at PDP got a last minute commission for a Steampunk Boba fett. Good news-Money! cant get enough of that these days, Bad News- Had to be done by Dragon Con O.O Hubbuh WUH?
Well after a month and a half of freaking out and creating like mad men  we where able to reveal our Steampunk Boba Fett at D-Con this year of 09.
If you haven't seen us around you can check us out at (though we are having our site re-hauleded for upgrades soon[Yay]).
Any how without further adue here it is

this photo was taken by Robert Walker(

This photo by Lindsey Thompson

Boba with a few of us.
Falicia day asked for a picture with him, apparently she liked it so much she posted about it on twitter =p

Still waiting on all the highres pictures to come in.
You can check out More pictures of Steampunk Boba Fett,18390.msg414891.html#msg414891
And pictures of the rest of us at PDP here-,18441.0.html
Any how if you guys have any more questions you can email them to
Thanks so much for looking!
Matt S.

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