March 9th, 2008


My windowshopping for you..

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Miss Scarlett, In the Library, With the...

So my friends and I are putting together a steampunk Clue group, and I've been given Miss Scarlett. I have assembled the main body of it, but there is still a lot to be desired. Thus, I turn to my fellow steamy-lovers!

Not pictured are a pocketwatch, monocle, weapon, various strings of pearls and a gold nameplate engraved with the character's name, all of which might be included or left for other projects.
First and foremost I would like to add the extra gold buttons from the jacket to the skirt in place of those it has.
My current issue is how to alter the sleeves. I had originally intended to hack them off at elbow or t-shirt length and replace them with the fishnet gloves, which are really quite long.
Am presently pondering if they shouldn't just be left as they are :)
This is my first-ever attempt at applying the steampunk style to a design, and things are very basic at the moment, so I would really appreciate any critique or recommendations.

(and hello to the rest of the group that are too shy to post, but all stalk this community like woah.)

Tesla photo madness!

I took a quick look through the archives and didn't see this; but forgive me if I missed it and it's been posted twice.

beatonna did a lovely comic strip about Nikola Tesla and the challenges he faces as the sexiest scientist in history. And then she asked the internet world to send in photographic recreations of the final panel.
Seeing as this community is probably full of real-life Tesla groupies, you can probably come up with some pretty great pictures.


Abnormal request?

Good morrow fellow steam enthusiasts, I am looking for a couple of things that may be deemed slightly more unusual and thus have proven to be more difficult to find: to whit - one lacy black (or dark red) fan and one similar parasol. But there are tons of them about! I hear you cry; it is so, but I am looking for damaged/frayed/otherwise abused versions of these items.

Basically I'm not going to pay over the odds for something that's very pretty but I'm going to ruin by battering it about, so I was wondering whether either any of you know hidden places where I may find such objects, or if you are in possession of said items. (Incidentally, the chances of finding a fan and a parasol whilst charity shopping are little to none - I've looked.)

Many thanks in advance.

Chicago Meetup!!

Tempus Fugit! A Steampunk Scavenger Hunt

Attention Rogues, Mercenaries, and sundry Nefarious Characters! Cogsworthy Enterprises requires your services in "acquiring" various artifacts for purposes of research and collection. You will compete with each other for fame and glory in a game of time-traveling, puzzle-solving, and general no-gooding!!

Miss Prytania Cogsworthy (Heiress to the Cogsworthy Automaton fortune) requests the presence of all available Chronambulists on Sunday, March 16th at the Field Museum. Meet in the main gallery at the sign of the blue beetle at 11:30am - you will begin the hunt at noon and continue until 4pm. Admission to the museum is $14 (discounts available for students and Chicago residents with ID) per person, and parking is available for $15 per carriage. You may elect to take a public autobus or ride together to defray this cost. Joining our endeavor is otherwise free. Appropriate couture is requested, but in no way required, and a group photo opportunity will be organized for those in proper dress. Please do remember to wear comfortable shoes, as this event will require a good deal of footwork.  Inquiries regarding shared motor-carriages  may be addressed to Miss Molotov (monstilocks). A group dinner is possible afterwards, as well as a meetup at  Neo Ballroom for dancing and drinks if enough interest is generated.

Ms. Cogsworthy

Ms. Cogsworthy

A few of the Chicago Crew

A few Chicago Chrononauts
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Seattle Cherry Blossom Viewing

Every year I've wanted to host a cherry blossom viewing tea party, and this year I have the resources to do it.

Seattle is beautiful this time of year - in but two weeks, the city will be filled with romantic anime petal dreams, fancies and follies lifted on winds of the flowering trees. It is a time of deep sighs, blushing maidens, frolicking in the snow-like natural decorations, and sun-worship.

I can provide teapots (some more battered than others), a limited number of teacups, and an unlimited amount of tea, provided it's not super duper expensive. Let me know what kinds of teas you'd like (perhaps rose tea, or other flower flavors?) so I can get it (and sample it) in advance. Things I'd like help with are snacks, blanket/seating arrangements, location selection, and maybe a ride to the location since I'll be schlepping my entire tea-things collection.

Now, I know some of you work weekends, but how does a Sunday afternoon sound? If we do it in two weeks (the 23rd), the trees should be in full bloom. We can adjust according to popular schedule and weather, of course. I'm terribly afraid it'll try to rain if we pick a date so early!

Edit: In light of events, how about I move the suggested date to the 30th, since we can take a very quick bus from the Convention Center tunnel station to the International District, or walk over to Freeway Park, and thus only take a little time out of Sakuracon? Nothing fun ever happens in the late afternoon of Sunday anyway, everyone from out of town has to head home.

Here is the link to the Google calendar - please mark your FREE TIME, not the times you are busy, just for clarity of visuals. First, click the "+Google Calendars" button at the bottom right. Add your available times by clicking the day you're available, clicking "edit event details", entering the specific time (or leaving it at "all day"), and selecting "show me as available". Use your name (real or otherwise, just use the same name for each event) as the subject line so we can quickly see who can meet when.

Thanks! Oh, and if that link stops working (not sure how the app interacts with the internet at large), message me through LJ so I'll be sure to find out fast. Searching "steampunkseattle" or something appropriate (like seattle cherry blossom tea) within Google Calendars (not the web!) should turn it up if the link breaks.

Edit: Duh, not everybody has a Google account! If you don't want to sign up for a Google account for this, then comment here in the thread and I will add your times for you.

An Idea, or Something Similar

An earlier post about uses of steampunk fashion made me realize that I have some decent outfits and nowhere to wear them. In light of this predicament, I asked my friend (who got obsessed with steampunk, thanks to me) what a decent event would be to dress up for. She's pretty knowledgeable about conventions, and so suggested ApolloCon.

What I was wondering is if anyone was planning on going. There's a costume contest! 8D

And for that matter, is anyone in this community from Texas? Everything seems to happen in New York or Chicago...

(We're not all cowboys, I promise.)
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Dressing up in Public (sorta)

While people are discussing places to dress up and plugging conventions, I am going to be utterly shameless.

Penguicon is a con in Troy, MI (right outside of Detroit). It's not anything like SalonCon or Wicked Faire, but cons are what you make of them, right? Needless to say, there's going to be some steamy presence (some people are planning on wearing costumes, two guys are bringing a set of Tesla Coils, and Aaron Diaz is coming (as is Cherie Priest who is a member here! (I am shameless.)).

Today's Shameless Plug was brought to you by the letter 'M' for 'Me.'

P.S. We also have tea.

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Hey, there's a sewing club at my school that I'd like to join, but I don't have any ongoing projects. Does anyone have any clothing patterns they could recommend? I'd like to try and make a vest or jacket... Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hey, MN steampunk folks--

Me and my fiance think we should try for a meetup at a neato restaurant called Fourpaughs--maybe for lunch or something some saturday.

The restaurant is in St. Paul, and its in a really realy neat Victorian mansion.  The entrees are a bit pricey, but if we meet for lunch, their soups (the French Onion is a MUST), salads and desserts are all in the not-too-bad range. 

Any interest for April?  what weekends work best?