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New York Steampunk Fairytale Photoshoot

Hello everyone!

Couple on months back my friend [info]dreamshadows and I posted about taking our childhood fairytales and making them into steampunk versions of them photoshoot. After a long time of talking and just coming up with details of how everything will work and where it will take place we came up with the following...

New York Steampunk Fairytale Photoshoot

Date: April 25th 2009 If it just happens to rain on that date and I do hope it does not. We will make May 2nd 2009 the week after the default for the photoshoot.

Time: 10am

Location:  Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It is very beautiful there and I think it will be a perfect place for all the fairytales that we have. here is the link to the Garden if anyone want to see it.

Fairytale: When we first posted this idea and the response we got we were leaning towards Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella ,Little Red Riding Hood, but because we could not decide which fairytale we really wanted to do. We decided that we will not just do one but just take all the fairytales that we love and combine them.

Now to be able to accommodate all the characters from all the stories (and we know there are a lot of them) we will need to know who wants to attend and we will also need to know what character you would want to be. The reason for this is that the character you choose will be reserved just for you, no one else will be able to have that character but you. The character is reserved by first come first serve method. Post the character you want to be and that you will be coming I will update this post with the reservation to make sure people see what is taken and what is not. When you choose the character and have an outfit for it, it has to be steampunk and has to resemble the character in some way.

Considering we do not know how long the photoshoot will last we thought that we will bring some food so we can have a picnic. So if you want as well bring anything that you think you might want to eat you are most welcome.

Photographers of course are also welcome!


The Characters that are taken so far (updated)  Sorry it took me a while to computer is acting up so I had a slight problem with updating!

The Mad Hatter ---- [info]alfily

 Little Red Riding Hood ---- [info]dreamshadows

 Lumiere from Beauty and the Best ---- [info]cemade_windwolf

Alice --- [info]taichotoki

Queen of Hearts --- [info]loch_nessie

Cheshire Cat --- [info]darknbitter

 The Goose Girl --- [info]curiouschilde

 Maleficent ---- [info]greenepona

Caterpillar --- [info]thatjazz  -- ? are you still doing this?

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