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Kira Onasi

Steampunk Wonderland

 I've been a lurker for a while... I'm really getting into the steampunk idea, and am trying to integrate it into my style/home, as well as learning to look at things in a more steamy way. That being said...

I'm looking at doing a Steampunk Alice for a con, but am totally lacking in ideas. So far, I've decided:

~The dress will be that Alice blue
~The sleeves will be short and puffy
~The skirt part will be on my hips, not my waist, and come to above my knees

The last point has caused some trouble concerning the apron. The "bib" part looks absurd any way I picture it when it has to run from the chest to the hips. Currently, I'm just going off the assumption that the apron will be skirt covering only.

From a creative side, I want to look at the costume from an explorer's angle, because really, when one goes wandering through Wonderland, one really should be prepared.

I've thought about some sort of (represes snort) utility belt, but I don't know how I'd make that fit with the outfit.

I'd like to have vials on me somewhere, for the shrink potion, but don't know how to integrate them in.

Obviously I should have a pocket watch, but in what form? I have no pockets...

I'd like to carry a wicker basket as well, for con purchases, camera, and a tea set/picnic blanket. (A friend is going as the Cat and we have great plans to sit in the middle of where-ever we please for tea parties. I'm sure the Mad Hatter would approve.) Sadly, a wicker basket is not very steamy, so I'd like to fix that as well.

Oh! And I need a good pair of goggles. -makes note to self-

Anyone have pointers on how I can both make Alice look a bit more mature - in her late teens, instead of tweens? - and steam-punky as well?
Edits: I have a sketch of what I'm planning so far!

Tell me what you think?
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