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Now on to eye candy so you who have seen this all at one point have something new to look at.
Woman wearing a veil in the 1890s
The hat and veil are so pretty...
So, this isn't strictly related to steampunk, my apologies, but I think it's still relevant to our interests.  One, I'm trying to gather a wide range of opinions on the matter: fantasy costume people, steampunk people, heavily modified, people who like historical costumes but don't make them, and maybe other actual historical costumers if I can get up the courage to bring this up in my historic communities and forums (I already feel like the oddball in hisotirc costuming circles).  Two, we all love old fashioned things and finding ways to make them work with our modern lifestyles.  It's reasonably relevant.

Here's the footnotes on my situation.  as much as I adore steampunk, late 19th and early 20th c. costuming is my first true love.  I do all of the crazy research, the proper undergarments, and my little pet projects are what keep me sane.  And, of course, this conflicts hugely with the laundry list of desired tattoos, piercings, and other mods that I've had since I was fifteen and started working on at seventeen--loooooong before I ever imagined that I'd end up more Victorian than rock & roll.  So far I've stuck to the more easily hidden ones with the exception of my nostril piercing.  I'm dying to move on to some of the more visible/out there ones on my list, but something's holding me back.  It isn't my job, any corncer of what my family might think, or any worries that I might regret it.  It's my costuming.

Now, keeping in mind that I don't do any reenacting or living history so having a period correct impression is for my own satisfaction only, I'm curious to see what others opinion are.  These probably won't sway my choice, that's something I need to to mull over alone.  I'm just curious to see what people think.

Do you think that one or two visible  piercings, tattoos, etc would kill the look of an otherwise period correct emsemble (keeping in mind that not all jewlery can be removed or replaced with clear retainers, and retainers are still pretty visible)?  Where do you draw the lin between what can be pulled off with historic dress and what cannot?  Or, are you like my mother and think I've already gone overboard? :)

Steampunk piercings/jewelry help!

So, I'd like to get a set of jewelry that is more Steampunkish :]

So showing are my two nostril piercings and my vertical lip piercing! The lip is now at a 14g, and the nostril piercings are at the standard 18g.

Posted this picture to show the saw blade O-rings that I have. I adore them, they remind me of cogs and even saw blades are just bad ass. I need to order more and get a matching set of those white/clear pinchers in that picture. Lost some a while ago meh. Also, I have my ear pierced on the left side once. Both ears have 8g atm, wanting to go up to 6g eventually but I stretched my ears too quickly so I'm letting them recover for a year, then a 10g and a 12g. Going to get my ear done more once I find a job that is okay with it.

Then what you can't see is my navel is pierced, 14g, and both nipples are pierced at a 14g. I'm not TOO concerned about my nipple piercings since I doubt they'd "pop out" at a con or something >_>; But I love to dance and move my hips around and all that jazz, so I would prolly show my belly button piercing!

Old picture but I wanted to show the twisty 14g jewelry! It's meant for your belly button, so I may just use it in mine (I have it done on the bottom, not top of my belly button, btw). It was so cute in my ear at the time, however :3 And if I didn't hate septum piercings so much, it'd be funny to wear it in a septum piercing hehe. SO WISH they would make the twisty one in a bigger size, but alas, they did say it was meant for navel piercings *sigh*

Now, I looked with the "piercing" tag and those are all ooooold posts, and what I found were too huge of plugs/tunnels, and old posts that I never saw updated if people found new stuff! So I wanted to kind of give the subject new life since it's been some time since I've seen a post specifically about body mods/piercings! Huzzah!

So I guess anything that makes you think, "Hmm.. Steam.. punk!" the sky is your limit, good people! I'd love for you to post! Price doesn't matter since I'll decide if it's worth it or not, and I just appreciate unique body jewelry and love to save the photos either way!

For our pierced brethren...

Iron Ear - jewelry that looks like screws.

Victorian Tattooing & Nipple Piercing?

Browsing the web at work today, I came across this article.

I was never a fan of nipple piercing before, but I have to say the thought of “a pearl chain with a bow at each end” almost makes me want to go for it! (Almost.)

Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween all.

Oct. 14th, 2008

Saw this and knew that it needed to be posted.

Sep. 18th, 2008

Anyone know where I could find these or similar in 0g? (Aka 8mm/ 5/16)

I am in looooooooooove.

A little hair help, perhaps?


So, I'm in need of some help with my hair. I've always thought I may look nice with my hair curled in a certain way.. I'm picturing the curls starting from about eye level, and falling downwards in big locks. Can you imagine that?

Any who, I'd like all your opinions on what style would suit me. Please no bashing on my hair colours.. I've had a friend tell me he wished I'd change it back to being Rogue-esque, haha. I also want curls because that seems pretty Victorian to me.. I always see these classy drawings of women with curled hair all done up. So I want the elegant (curls), yet punky part (the blond and black weirdness) of Steampunk together :]

Pictures are right here, tally ho!Collapse )

Piercings? Hair color?

So, I've been thinking about this a little bit. I have my septum pierced, and I'd really like to get some nice wood or metal jewelry for my costume. I used to have this beautiful light copper ring that I wore all the time, but I lost it at some show. Anyway, two questions regarding piercings:

1. I know that nipple and genital piercings were popular in the Victorian era, especially among those with money, but what about other piercings?
2. Anyone know where I can find some nice (and relatively inexpensive) jewelry for my piercings?

And then there's the hair... Right now my hair is bleached and black, and short and spiky. I don't have a picture, but this is more or less what it looks like:

So what should I do with it? Nothing? Keep it the same? Tuck it under a hat? Re-dye it? Go with it and incorporate it into some weirdo renegade persona? Ideas?

For anyone with big holes in their ears

For anyone with lobes stretched to 3/4" or higher, this company offers Clockwork Plugs for a very reasonable 17 dollars. I'd love to see some crafty craftsperson make a functional pair!

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