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We adore seeing most of all: New steampunk outfits, gorgeous clothes bought or handmade , modified props, lovely home wares. We also don't mind interesting art, fine film and literature, and news items of note as long as fashion has something to do with it. Steam themed events are also beloved, providing you note what country and state the event is in. The sun never sets on Steamfashion, after all.

Now on to eye candy so you who have seen this all at one point have something new to look at.
Woman wearing a veil in the 1890s
The hat and veil are so pretty...

For Steamy Knitters

The Foraoise Fingerless Gloves
Unisex Long Gloves Pattern with Button Detailing

Find the pattern here on Etsy | Ravelry

Or Custom Made for Non-Knitters

Looking for a capelet pattern

I have been asked to modify a leather greatcoat into a highwayman style coat. You know the type, with the shoulder cape.
Basically, I need a pattern for just the cape, as the coat is already there.
Anyone know of any free ones? Or can give me some advice on how to draft one?


Aviator Hat Sewing Pattern now for sale!

I have another steampunk sewing pattern for sale. It's an Aviator Hat, perfect for dieselpunk or airship pirate outfits.

With three sizes and customizable trim, now you can make an aviator hat just the way you want it.  $5 for downloadable, printable pattern. 

Bustle Pad Sewing Pattern

I have a new sewing pattern for sale.
This downloadable pattern includes these three styles of bustle pad/pillow, along with step-by-step instructions and photos.  A bustle pad can really add a lot of impact to your outfit, and it's a cheap and easy way to upgrade your look.  Thanks for looking!

Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg
Airship Octavia
Steam Ingenious

Steampunk Sewing Patterns

So, Simplicity has released a new steampunk sewing pattern, and I think it's pretty awesome.  

To celebrate, I made a post on my blog with a bunch of sewing patterns with steampunk potential, including a whole lot of free ones.

In fact, I have a whole category of posts on my blog that are nothing but links to steamy patterns.  

Hope it's useful!

Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg
Airship Octavia XIII 

Vote here for Valentine's Day Free Pattern

My birthday is next Tuesday (no lie; for real) and I'd like to offer a free pattern that day but who knows which would be wanted? Not me. So I'll send the decision over to you and on Valentine's Day one of them will be available for free for 24hrs.

Pick one here and just comment below which one gets your vote. 

One pattern choice per commentor so I can get a clear vote count.
Hello fellow steampunks!

Given the fantastic response to my Steampunk Military Spats Pattern, I've developed a new downloadable sewing pattern. I'm very excited to announce that the Tie-On Bustle Pattern is now for sale!

This bustle is an easy way to quickly steam up any regular skirt or outfit. The pattern is appropriate for beginning level sewers, too!

Here's the link to buy the pattern: Tie-On Bustle Sewing Pattern

Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg
Airship Octavia XIII

Hello, Steampunk costume issues :)

Hey, I'm new here although, I have used a couple tutorials here to make goggles, guns, etc lol, so I've known about this place for a little while.
Also, this isn't my first steampunk outfit, last year I attended a convention as a steampunk bride. Sky pirates killed my husband and I was seeking revenge. Had a bomb box and gave me a good reason to torch a wedding dress xD, used a garter to carry my gun.
And the year before that I was an airship communicator, I took an old 1960's brown pair of headphones and attached the cord into a wooden/leather box and attached a crank on the other side to state that I could generate power while away from the ship.

Um, I have a question about my costume I'm hoping to do this coming May. I plan to do one of those antique ringleaders from the circuses in the early 1900s, but of course, steampunk. I plan to make a top hat out of old leather while taking apart a broken bicycle pedalling gears to use as the top circular panel of the top hat, however that will work lol (since I can't get my hands on any larger gears for a really decent price)

Anyways, the only problem I've run into is the tail coat. I can't seem to find a pattern anywhere for a tail coat that I could modify or something. Just wanted to know if anyone knew of a pattern I could get or if it's similar enough to just add the tails to a regular jacket pattern. It would be much appreciated! Oh, and I'm female, not sure if a male pattern would change that drastically to fit a female form, thanks!

Godey's Lady's Book Patterns!

Godey's Lady's Book was the Oprah/Ladies' Home Journal/Cosmopolitan magazine of the 1800's. 

Fortunately for us, it also had patterns in almost every issue!

My apologies to anyone who's seen this before and has gotten bored with it.  As for me, I'll be playing with these for a while, like with this Ladies' Jacket:

There is also the on-line edition:   This is good, as it is a page-by-page and explains what it is you're looking at.  Here is an article about "costumes of other nations,"  I posted this as I know that others have posted here, asking for ideas on how to do Russian or Chinese of the 1800's.

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