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Greetings and salutations!
We are ever so thrilled to have such an illustrious group of visitors. Here are a few guidelines and tips. Before you post, we have prepared gifts for you to read where appropriate:

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Community Tips: We are a friendly association, and would like for this to remain so. Please be kind to your fellow visitors. Hold them in the regard you yourself would like to be held. Constructive criticism is always welcome, cruelty and mean spirited comments will not be tolerated at all.
We adore seeing most of all: New steampunk outfits, gorgeous clothes bought or handmade , modified props, lovely home wares. We also don't mind interesting art, fine film and literature, and news items of note as long as fashion has something to do with it. Steam themed events are also beloved, providing you note what country and state the event is in. The sun never sets on Steamfashion, after all.

Now on to eye candy so you who have seen this all at one point have something new to look at.
Woman wearing a veil in the 1890s
The hat and veil are so pretty...

Aviator Hat Sewing Pattern now for sale!

I have another steampunk sewing pattern for sale. It's an Aviator Hat, perfect for dieselpunk or airship pirate outfits.

With three sizes and customizable trim, now you can make an aviator hat just the way you want it.  $5 for downloadable, printable pattern. 

Presenting Miss Ivy Hisselpenny

I attended OzComicCon in Melbourne last weekend and for my first foray into Cosplaying I chose Ivy Hisselpenny from gailcarriger's Parasol Protectorate series. As well as being a fun character, I thought it was a good choice for my first steampunk costume. It has clear elements from the time period (as the books are set in the 1870s), but is light on the overtly steampunk gadgetry side which I felt would be a bit too much for my first steampunk costume (though I did acquire some lovely goggles at the con!) Plus, I got to wear an awesomely outrageous hat!

The hat!Collapse )

The Outfit!Collapse )
I was happy with the end result and look forward to creating more steampunk costumes in the future :)

Two Ready to Ship Hand Knit Hats

Summer's coming up so next batch of knitted items won't be large hats so this is the last batch of the season!

$50 + shipping here

$50 + shipping here

My previous posts

New hats and new prices

I've just uploaded several new ladies' hats to my etsy shop and lowered prices on several. A few of the hats sport vintage brooches,and I've even got a beautiful wedding hat. Please go take a look.

Rosewood Stitches

Here's a sample:


Shameless plug for promoting a good deed and money saving help. Tomorrow we will send out an email that has the only coupon of the year we give for and right now with any jacket purchase, you can give a homeless or needy person a warm coat for just $10. If you have a clean and gently used coat to donate, you can find locations at or bring it to Clockwork Couture. We have a donation bin in the store.

To sign up for the coupon, simply subscribe to our newsletter (we only email twice a month and we don't share our list with anyone) go to and the newsletter sign up is in the bottom right corner of each page.

Actor Doug Jones

Thank you kindly for looking


Mini topper

I used my metallic craft paints on a mini topper, added some metal embellishments, some bronze ribbon, lace and a feather.

metal hat

One moreCollapse )


Hat Find JCP and Macy's!

I was browsing the web looking for a specific hat from a tv commercial when i stumbled upon these can-be-steamed hats "on sale".

I can't say about the quality or the make but they are rather discounted. (maybe for daily use as opposed to fancy time?)

Bowler Style Hat With Ribbon Detail : sale : handbags + accessories : jcpenney
Womens Hat, Fedora w/Gemstone : sale : handbags + accessories : jcpenney
Nine West Hat, Wool Boater - Hats, Gloves, & Scarves - Handbags & Accessories - Macy's

Hopefully the links are useful! C:

New Steampunk Hats for Halloween!

Hello, all! I can't believe it's almost October already, and that means Halloween costumes! I've been busy making tons of new hats, and here they are! (well, at least some of them) Take a look! (more at my Etsy store



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