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Greetings and salutations!
We are ever so thrilled to have such an illustrious group of visitors. Here are a few guidelines and tips. Before you post, we have prepared gifts for you to read where appropriate:

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Community Tips: We are a friendly association, and would like for this to remain so. Please be kind to your fellow visitors. Hold them in the regard you yourself would like to be held. Constructive criticism is always welcome, cruelty and mean spirited comments will not be tolerated at all.
We adore seeing most of all: New steampunk outfits, gorgeous clothes bought or handmade , modified props, lovely home wares. We also don't mind interesting art, fine film and literature, and news items of note as long as fashion has something to do with it. Steam themed events are also beloved, providing you note what country and state the event is in. The sun never sets on Steamfashion, after all.

Now on to eye candy so you who have seen this all at one point have something new to look at.
Woman wearing a veil in the 1890s
The hat and veil are so pretty...

Allo' fine and fancy-free dandies!

This is just a wee tickle of a photo shoot avec models with a tiny fraction of my steampunk mask collection (available for purchase on Etsy).

Overall I think the pictures came out beautifully -pensive, brooding, decadent. I can't WAIT to continue with more pictures in the New Year in the unbelievable new location I recently found. The next shoot will be complete with accessories like bowler hats, an ivory tipped cane, top hats, cigars, large silver-carved lighters and gorgeous pipes.

SO fudging excited. Just wanted to throw these images out into the ether-net for all you chaps and cherries to enjoy!

'The Mad Medic'
1356037673_preview8 copy

Click for more...Collapse )

'The Spectral Stargazer' 
square 4

'The Spectral Stargazer' 

th_1356037651_preview6 copy 3

'Grave Misfortune' 
1356037707_preview9 copy 2

More to come soon and this will be the location of our next shoot which will take place in the New Year... doesn't it make your mouth water?

Victorian Guest House
Guest House Foyer

Cheerio tinkerers and travellers!

Oculto Steam Masks on Etsy

I am new to Steampunk, and am starting to rework my wedding dress into a Steampunk Ensemble.

I attended the Steampunk World's Fair last weekend, and was excited and overwhelmed by the possibilities!  
I wore my dress to SPWF so I could try things on with it and figure out what I want to do, and I have a pretty good idea, but would like some advice.

Here is the original dress: It bustles in the back - how convenient!

I have photoshopped a rendering of what I am planning - I ordered a corset using the fabric shown in the rendering below:

I am not sure how to treat the sleeves and the neckline.  The sleeves are puffy, and I like them, but I was thinking I might want a long-sleeve option - so maybe a black bolero jacket?  or opera gloves?

My son, also pictured, is working on a Steampunk vampire hunter outfit, so I think I will be his research assistant since I am actually a librarian by trade.  Sort of the Giles to his Buffy, I guess!
So I'm thinking little leather notebooks, fancy mechanical pens, etc. as my accessories.  I'd love to figure out some sort of steampunk booklight. I need my glasses, but I'm getting a new pair soon - does anyone know of anyone who could take my old lenses and create a set of goggles or other frames using my prescription lenses?

So I guess I'm asking for advice and  input on accessories and jewelery that would work with this look!


I'm really excited to put this together and bring it to next year's SPWF!

We have alot of items up for auction! We could use afew more, and there are some I don't have pictures of yet but I do hope this gets you to bidding. Remember, it's for a great cause!

The list so far (l-r):

Tiny Tatted Triangle from TotusMel
Rhinestone Brooch from Sabrina Bellydancer
Tatted Pink Flower Pendant from TotusMel
Silver Clock Fob Pendant from darknouveau  
Brass Cufflinks from darknouveau  
Signed Dreadnought from cmpriest  
Corsage Cuff Bracelet from Sabrina Bellydancer
Carpet Bag from wishwords  
Signed Dreadful Skin from cmpriest  
Clockwork Reticule from kaithriona  
Girl Genius Promo poster from cerrberus
Girl Genius Comic Volume 1, Issue 2 from cerrberus
Signed Soulless, Changeless, Blameless books from gailcarriger  
Ivory Steampunk Gibson Styled Ensemble from gailcarriger  
Girl Genius #7 from cerrberus  
Signed Hardcover Clementine from cmpriest  
Gaggle of Goggles from Clockwork Couture
Steampunk Coloring Book from ellenmillion  with Dirigible and Doktor A toy from Clockwork Couture

There will be a copy of Leviathan from Scott Westerfeld, items from missmonstermel , a silk screened gear scarf from fatfred  , a one of a kind ring from rivkasmom , 2 bottles of ZOMG Tesla scents from sharkcowsheep  and hopefully more. My heartfelt thanks to those who have donated. It's not too late, but our goal is October 24th.

and a public apology to the lovely wishwords of Rosewood Stitches. I did have another line of searchable text on your carpet bag auction with your company name and other keywords but for some reason it no longer shows up and ebay will not allow me to revise that portion on an auction that has bids. However I'll end the auction and redo it if it bothers you. My deepest apologies.

I will also make this one last plea because I don't want to nag you all, that if you could just brew at home once this week and give a single dollar to help women going through what must be a living nightmare, or even better, brown bag it and give them 4 dollars, you would be doing alot in the life of a cancer fighter and hopefully one day, survivor.

We have room on our team for a couple more people. You don't need to know how to bowl, just how to have fun. Your participation on our team grants you a Clockwork Couture exclusive Airship Crew dickies shirt or tank along with bearing witness to my drunken cursing so colorful, dutchboy paints will be calling and asking for ideas.

New Items in the Clockwork Shoppe

Some of you may have heard, we are now only carrying small-runs of limited edition pieces. In other words, if you see something you love, get it while it's there. It will NOT be returning. We want to keep our stock fresh and flowing. We have placed all of our in-stock Hands of Time corsets at cost in order to make room for new styles coming in. Honest, these are at our cost. That shows you not only the low mark-up we take on products, but the quality of this item. Feel free to ask previous patrons about our corset line.

We got in alot of new items for the fall season. Boots, one of a kind hats, jackets and jewelry along with some one of a kind (or three of a kind) costumes to celebrate All Hallow's Eve in. Perfect for balls or parties. If you would like us to create a costume especially for you based on a character or concept, do let us know. Current Victorian line-drawing inspired costumes include: A Peacock, Witch, Vampire Hunter, and Absinthe Fairy amongst others.

Without further adieu:

See all new products here

As always, thank you for perusing our fine wares. Clockwork Couture will be relocating to Portland, Oregon in the coming year and look forward to joining the fine ranks of Sock Dreams and other wonderful Pacific Northwest stores.

Clockwork Couture
-Donna Ricci

Flea Market

My girlfriend and I went to a flea market this afternoon and found these:

Tesla pins! The red one in the middle is my favourite.
Among other thingsCollapse )

For Those in Los Angeles, CA

If you are familiar with the Torrance area or the area around El Camino College. Eye Connection is across the street from the college. The cross street is Crenshaw Blvd and Redondo Beach Blvd. They will remake any lenses, as long as you have the original lenses, to the tune of only 50 dollars. If you have a pair of pinz, monocle, goggles, or an antique pair of peepers that you like the lenses remade to your prescription, this is the place to do it. They do great work with glasses repair, too. The lab is on site and they are very punctual.


Vic sunglasses (without the angst)

Hey all, I've been trying to find a pair of Victorian-style (note, not the goth styled ones you can find in droves on ebay)  sun spectacles for ages now. However, whenever I find a pair they're being sold by some art-house auctioneer for over seventy bucks. Or if I do find them on ebay for cheap (i.e., my price range these days) , they do not remain so because they're quickly fallen upon by... well, I'm not pointing any fingers, but I actually start groaning whenever a seller puts 'steampunk' in the description.

Does anybody know where I can find a pair of Victorian sunglasses, or at least a fairly good reproduction on the web without breaking the bank?


New Folding goggle Design

Hello and welcome to another Borg Steam Factory Design!

everyone is creating and finding some of the most wonderful things. I hope these might be what some one out there is looking for.

No prescription lenses so any one can wear them, and they can be folded up to make storing them easier. If you are interested in a pair you can contact me here or from our contact page at www.BorgSteamFactory.Com
they are available in brass, aluminum, and steel.

now a few pics of the goggles
(this pair is aluminum, and surgical stainless steel with a brown leather nose bridge.)

Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

To creativity and a better tomorrow!

The Architect.
this is a new creation of mine. Yes they are prescription lenses, and no we can not make prescription lenses for you, but I can make more goggles if anyone is interested and cane effectively cut a pair or prescription lenses down to fit if they are plastic. It will be some time unless sales pick up in general before my shop will be able to be up and running allowing me to install a flooding system for cutting glass. I am also making parts for these goggles in case thee is anyone out there with skills for assembly that would like such things. I can of course make custom parts as well If you have your own steamy design you want to produce.

now pics of the goggles

these pictures are of course on the site and you can always use the contact page there to get hold of me to discuss your creations.
we are also in the process of setting up a factory site specifically for the manufacture of parts for designers and will offer assembly options as well. the URL for this factory is: Also note that we come across items like tiny gears and such in such quantity that we will be offering such items for shipping only (if you only wanted a few then even a SASE would do.) in order to try and stimulate more creativity.)

To creativity and a better tomorrow!

The Architect.

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