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Steampunking a leather coat. Any ideas?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, automatons and creatures from another galaxy.

So, after playing some Fallout: New Vegas and planning some gear for a steampunk larp I dug up an old leather coat I had to make it more steampunk. I've added the shoulder flaps and I'm planning to add straps to the back so I can tighten it (it's a bit to wide for me). I'm also planning on adding a pocket or two to the left side of the chest area. The buttons will be replaced with something more appropriate.

I'm also thinking of adding a shooting pad to the right side to give more of a hunter/military look. Does this wonderful community have any other suggestion on how to give it a proper look? I won't be adding any large pieces of metal to it (since I don't want to hurt myself if I roll around or fall in it while larping) but I have lots of spare leather and a pile of rivets.

Here's how it looks at the moment (picture after the cut):Read more...Collapse )


Steampunk Fashion Show

Hi everyone! I would like to share the outfits I showed at my steampunk themed fashion show at Anime LA this year. Here is one preview image, and the rest are under the cut.

More fashion show pictures and a videoCollapse )

London Steampunk Weekend

hello All,

We're organising a Steampunk Weekend in London, UK, on Ocotber 25th and 26th, featuring an Art Exhibtion, a Market and a Ball.

For more information please visit:

Thank you!


Hello! I just completed an instructional video that I thought could be of interest to some of the members of the community who may be new to corset-wearing. People are often baffled when I tell them that it is indeed possible to lace up a corset by yourself, so I decided to make a video to show how to do this. I also have a free diagram on my website, Wilde Hunt Corsetry showing how to thread your laces in the pattern I show in the video. I hope you find it useful!


Men's Fashion...

Where is all of the better men's fashions? I am looking all over google and everything is quite boring and plain...

Please send me some cool pictures...not so much of accessories...but of awesome interesting clothing for men...

My corset to the Edwardian Ball

Originally posted by jenniferseoul at My corset to the Edwardian Ball
I made this corset specifically to wear to the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles last month. I took my inspiration from Edward Gorey's more fantasy-based black and white illustrations.
goreymodelposeMore pics and description...Collapse )

Mar. 12th, 2013

New Steampunk-ish and fantasy items from MASQ Fashion!
Check them out and purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/masque242

Trench to Tails conversion

Some years ago I found an old battered oxblood leather trenchcoat at a thrift store, and this week finally finished converting it into a cutaway tailcoat.

trench to tails 11

Full details of construction are in my blog.

A Questionnaire

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a fashion/costume student, and I've been lurking this community for a while now. I am currently doing a project on steampunk, and was wondering if any of you would mind answering a few questions for me. Despite having a long held interest, I do not participate in the fashion myself, and so would like some insight from people who do.

This survey is quite long, so don't feel obliged to fill it all out straight away. Thank you for your assistance!

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