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August 11th, 2008

More Orientalism

gdfalken made a great point down below about Oriental Fashion and it's influence on the West in times past.
I concur, and am both fan and participant. While I can in no way top that amazing cassock, I offer a humble entry of my own and hope others will post their Oriental fashion as well.

I think he's right in saying that it's oft overlooked....look.  I dress like this on sundays so as not to appear like like I just left church, because, for some reason, people keep asking my wife and I that when we take Lola to the park on sundays.
 I would only step inside one dressed as Kurgan.
Also, anyone else wear kilts?  Utilikilts' products are superior.

Luciérnaga and a button question

The following item is a reproduction of the aether oscillation pistol weapons expert Patrick O'Landry gave aether refinement pioneer Miss Emmaline Lighton during her voyages aboard The Bohème. The original is held along with other artifacts of the beginnings of the aether age at the museum of technology in Madrid where it is considered a national treasure. It is said it was used both at the battle of Kraken Pass and the meeting of mars but no eye witnesses were able to confirm it.

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The Orient is an often overlooked source for steampunk inspiration. In the West, orientalism was all the rage during the steam age; and in the East, European technology was working its way into societies which saw it both as a foreign intrusion and a necessary means of entering the modern imperial world.

Below are some (absolutely terrible) pictures of me in my new (absolutely wonderful) brocade cassock, made by the wonderful and talented kambriel. I think it will prove wonderful as the central piece for a number of outfits, both modern high fashion and oriental steampunk.

bad photos of geoff's new coat

And a few more....Collapse )

Also posted to gdfalksen and squirrelmadness.

More (and better) images will be posted as they become available, here and likely at my website:

The cassock is extremely beautiful to see in person, and I hope to have some pictures that do it justice soon.
Public service announcement from a very over-tired Evelyn, to clarify something that many people have thought about too much. (I told you guys not to over think it;-)

If you post something to this group and the mods (dip_thong, Jaborwhalky, Jilder, Owakensuke, Sola) think it's kosher, then it will end up on the group. If it does not go through you are free, if you like, to ask why.So please post what you think works for this group. Most of them will go through. As best as I can tell, the only things that get rejected are porn, blatant blatant off-topic posts, or spam.I don't reject posts, and I don't believe that other mods like to either, but I realize that it does happen from time to time.

That being said, if you feel it belongs here then post it, post it and post it.

Please do not over-think things.If you do, you will probably end up taking them far too seriously, and that is no fun at all.

Show of your stuff, Have fun, Its steampunk and steampunk is about FUN
(or I think so)

Japan post photos of your meet up I would like to see them !
( Heck any one who has had a meet up post the photos from it)

If you have 17 million bucks I have the best place in the world you could own.
To have that place for a day to take photos all dressed up now that would be a great day.

I do not know if any one has seen this but,
Molly "porkshanks" did this great photo step by step of how to make your own goggles.
Check it out here :
She did a great job very easy to follow.

Getting there...

I just realized I've been watching this community for a few months now and not posted anything, much less commented on any entries. Huh.

I have to admit, my fiance is the one more on the 'make stuff into cooler stuff' side of steampunk and I'm more on the girlie ' let's see how many flounces I can fit onto this skirt!' side. Except I can't sew to save my life. Seriously. My mother, a seamstress of twenty years, has thrown up her hands and declared me unteachable. Something about sewing just does not fit in my brain.

So I turn to you, o esteemed ladies and gents, for help. Bloomers, socks, shoes, overjackets, undershirts, petticoats, skirts, fans and draperies. Where on the internet would a girl find these things for sale without breaking the bank. Also sometimes breaking the bank or indulging after saving up for some especially juicy looking.

Air pirate, graceful lady, even ragamuffin street urchin styles welcome.


Time Travel Picnic

I had the chance to attend the time travel picnic at the NY Ren Faire a week ago. I had a fun time, and met some great (and well dressed) people. Due to a crazy week, I uploaded my pictures this weekend. Enjoy!


See the whole set: Time Travel Picnic set on Flickr


Alright, I have a question (and I know the answer may be obvious): if I don't like the yellowy color of brass, but would rather use bronze or silver-colored metals/paints for accents to my items that I plan to make, is it "not done," or is it just a different twist? This also ties into my boyfriend's steampunk plans, as he has some experience with working metal, and he dislikes working with brass due to the smell (some people love it, others don't).


Old Photo

I have acquired what seems to be a nice example of period dress; a portrait photo of an unknown man from an unknown time (from the photo studio Hoyt Cox, of Mitchell, SD). I did some digital restoration work on it to remove scratches and dents. You can see what the original looked like at:

I did not do any "editing", though; as I bought this photo from Urban Ore because it seemed like a great example of the difference between modern people in period dress and actual people of a time.

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DC steamers?

Anyone here from the DC area? Every time I read on LJ about a steamy event, it's always somewhere far away from me! =[

Is there a DC steampunk scene?


A neck issue

This will be my first post to steam_fashion, so I pray you'll all indulge my naivete, but I'm trying to find any sort of resources concerning whether or not bow ties are appropriate for a costume I'm putting together. I can easily use a cravat or what have you, but the persona I have in mind just screams bow tie.

I would, however, hate to offend the historical aesthetic of steampunk by committing some sort of neckware faux pas.

Comic-Con Pictures

Sorry for the delay in posting these, I've been meaning to join this community for some time now!

Attended Comic-Con in San Diego for work and missed out on the Meet Up, but got some pics while on the floor that I didn't see in a previous post.

Steamy Comic-Con Pics!Collapse )

Looking forward to seeing Abney Park at Dragon*Con!


Not fashion, but I have to share with you the telephone I'm getting for the office:

Found here.

There are a million little things we've found for our new house here.

I find this site to be a good all-around resource for style, grooming, and etiquette.

And lastly, me at the site of my new Mad Scientist Lab.

(Just pretend with me that it's more than merely the Shipping Dept. at Sock Dreams.)

Oh, I almost forgot. Portland has it's own Absynthe!

Oh! Oh! One more find! Previously unpublished George Orwell diaries

Piercings? Hair color?

So, I've been thinking about this a little bit. I have my septum pierced, and I'd really like to get some nice wood or metal jewelry for my costume. I used to have this beautiful light copper ring that I wore all the time, but I lost it at some show. Anyway, two questions regarding piercings:

1. I know that nipple and genital piercings were popular in the Victorian era, especially among those with money, but what about other piercings?
2. Anyone know where I can find some nice (and relatively inexpensive) jewelry for my piercings?

And then there's the hair... Right now my hair is bleached and black, and short and spiky. I don't have a picture, but this is more or less what it looks like:

So what should I do with it? Nothing? Keep it the same? Tuck it under a hat? Re-dye it? Go with it and incorporate it into some weirdo renegade persona? Ideas?

Up Up and Away....

I am moving to Las Vegas in October, so I thought I would share some of the cool things I bought today to put in my new place. The first picture just doesn't do it justice as is is a gorgeous amber colored glass Victorian balloon lamp.



A little hair help, perhaps?


So, I'm in need of some help with my hair. I've always thought I may look nice with my hair curled in a certain way.. I'm picturing the curls starting from about eye level, and falling downwards in big locks. Can you imagine that?

Any who, I'd like all your opinions on what style would suit me. Please no bashing on my hair colours.. I've had a friend tell me he wished I'd change it back to being Rogue-esque, haha. I also want curls because that seems pretty Victorian to me.. I always see these classy drawings of women with curled hair all done up. So I want the elegant (curls), yet punky part (the blond and black weirdness) of Steampunk together :]

Pictures are right here, tally ho!Collapse )

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